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  1. Soyuz

    Are Soundmagic PL21's from legitimate?

    @teaninja12 You can buy genuine SoundMAGIC earphones from MP4Nation. The PL21 sells for $19.50:
  2. Soyuz

    Brainwavz Beta or SoundMagic e30

    Personally I would choose the SoundMagic e30, slightly better sounding (also according to ljokerl) but above all way better build quality.
  3. Soyuz 'free' gifts defective

    I've experienced the same, sorry to say but the build quality of the Beta's simply sucks.
  4. Soyuz

    Are Soundmagic PL21's from legitimate?

    Indeed they ship genuine SoundMAGIC, all in the new packaging as introduced by SoundMAGIC in June this year.   @Tycn Good price for the ViSang R01 there! They indeed have better sound then the PL21, but the build quality (especially the cable) is somewhat less durable comparing to the PL21.
  5. Soyuz

    Help with choosing an IEM on a budget

    @epicur Build quality of 'cheap' IEMs is not necessarily bad, but it differs per brand and model. Since you will use your IEMs outdoors I personally would let go XEARS. They deliver great sound for the price but their build quality, in my opinion, is very poor. Personally I think the...
  6. Soyuz

    Help with choosing an IEM on a budget

    My first question to you would be; how much do you care about build quality? Will you be using your IEMs outdoors or only indoors?
  7. Soyuz

    Need Help Choosing IEM's around $15 for Samsung Captivate

    Sorry to hear about your (possible fake) addiems. If you're in the market for a replacement headset I can warmly recommend the SoundMAGIC MP21. My girlfriend uses them on her Samsung Galaxy S in combination with Voodoo Sound. While the MP21 model dates back to 2009 I think for around $17,77...
  8. Soyuz

    Brainwavz Beta Video Unboxing

    Thanks for the video. I'm really interested in how they compare to the Sony MDR-EX082 wich I used for ears. The design and build quality seem equal, apart from the fact that the EX082 had a asymetrical cord. Also the nozzle hole seems to be way bigger then on the EX082.   ljokerl judgement...
  9. Soyuz

    Soundmagic PL21 First Impressions & Review

    @Dexteroid That's pretty weird, can you please post a picture of the PL21's package? Since June this year there is also a online verification sticker on the package to check if your SoundMAGIC's are genuine. Did you pay 830 Indian rupees witch is worth approx. $16.92?
  10. Soyuz

    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Quote: Yes it is, it allows you to greatly improve audio quality on the Galaxy S. You could check it out on Android Marktet:  
  11. Soyuz

    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Quote: Do you have Voodoo Sound on your Galaxy S?  
  12. Soyuz

    which best??? Sound magic pl50 vs Meelectronic M6 vs brainwavz M2

    I own both the M11+ and the ProAlpha. What kind of music do you listen to and what's your audio source?
  13. Soyuz

    Second pair of Brainwavz M2, disappointed.

    Did you already had a reply from Hugo? I'm sure they'll help you out.
  14. Soyuz

    Second pair of Brainwavz M2, disappointed.

    Just open a ticket and MP4 Nation's Hugo will give you the RMA procedure. My pair of ProAlpha started to get static after who months, they replaced my set swiftly. Very satisfied with their customers support!
  15. Soyuz

    DEAL ALERT: Brainwavz Alpha Just $5

    Stunning deal by Raz, while many members here will have way better in-ears already they're great for gift or spare.
  16. Soyuz

    mp4nation shipping

    My set of Brainwavz ProAlpha got shipped very fast I must say. Ordered them on 17-DEC-2010, they left Hong Kong on 23-DEC-2010 and I recieved them on 28/29-DEC-2010. So it seems highly depending on the product, if it's in stock or not, and Hong Kong Post.
  17. Soyuz

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    @spacemanspliff  I can't recall reading more issues like this. Did you already contact Meelec?
  18. Soyuz

    Advice on tips needed

    @farmer3210  Hybrids seem to be very hot these days  Please check out my post below for an offering with worldwide free shipping.   @Head-Fi moderators Not  advertise here, just trying to help other users...
  19. Soyuz

    Best tips for MEElec M6?

    Once again I'd like to recommend seller cairimao on eBay for your fake Hybrids. You can choose three pairs of your favorite size. Since I don't own a pair of genuine Sony Hybrids I can't compare, but my experience with these tips is stunning...
  20. Soyuz

    Kanen KM 92 Impressions

    @apvm I sold my pair of KM-948 so I'm unable to actually try it for you. However these hybrids should fit on 4mm or bigger. On the 5.5mm nozzle of the KM-92 they fit really tight, so the first one you put on is a bit experimenting to get on. I'm unable to explain exactly how to. On the 4mm...
  21. Soyuz

    carrying case for custom IEMs... any recommendations?

      I think it'll be hard to find a carrying case witch actually fits in your jeans pocket. Personally I use carrying cases from eBay, extremely good value and fast and reliable seller:   They won't fit in your...
  22. Soyuz

    Kanen KM 92 Impressions

    Just received my pair of KM-92 from Focalprice today. Ordered them on 22th of October. Did @djmattm  and @casioa5302ca  receive your units already? After a small hearting test today, I really recommend to use hybrid or double flange tips with these. Since they provide better seal the sound...
  23. Soyuz

    replacement Ear buds for ADDIEM

    @pHEnomIC Sorry, I forgot that ADDEIM already included three sizes. Somehow I thought only the medium size was included. In that case I would recommend you to look for some white Sony Hybrids.