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    Eversolo is In Stock and Shipping Now From Audio46

    I’m excited to see their products being picked up by local dealers. I remained impressed using their DAC-Z8 as a standalone DAC.
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    Effect Audio cables thread

    I received the CODE 24 and 24C a few days back but I've been sick so I just got around to getting some quick photos. Code 24 looks great and almost looks like it was meant for the MEST MKIII. The Code 24 also seems to be the same thickness as the CODE 23 but I swear it feels a hair less stiff...
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'Spinfit Omni and W1 Ear Tips'

    Glad to hear it! Enjoy!
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'Spinfit Omni and W1 Ear Tips'

    Yeah, I need to update my review now that the W1 singles released.
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    Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs New Release | GAEA - Elegant Temptation ∙ Everlasting Bliss

    I can answer a few questions. 1) The Gaea was a collab with Effect Audio so both companies would need to be willing to make a new deal to have an updated version. With how long it took to get initial Gaea shipments out and the overall slow turn around times, I’m betting they won’t do an updated...
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    LETSHUOER S15 now in pre-sale!

    Very exciting. I should have a review out next week. I quite like the S15 so far. I’ve been using it with some Spinfit W1 tips and have had quite the comfortable and positive listening experience so far.
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    Effect Audio cables thread

    It will be revealed “soon” haha
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    Effect Audio cables thread

    For now, I believe it’s a limited version cable specifically for the upcoming holiday month. It’s a hybrid much like the Eros S and Eros 1st anniversary special edition cable.
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    LETSHUOER R-Sonic Passive Filtering Module

    I’ll be interested to see how this evolves over time.
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    Effect Audio cables thread

    It’s quite the looker in person. Probably one of my favorite cables from Effect Audio.
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'iFi audio GO pod'

    Lots of review units are loaners. Which is a bummer if I possibly miss something I need to check later on.
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'iFi audio GO pod'

    I don’t have the unit anymore but I’ll have to ask a few friends who have the GO pod and double check. I would hope it’s not an iPhone thing but if it’s not, I’ll edit and fix my review. Thanks for the info.
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'MOONDROP PARA'

    I only find the PARA overly bright on the alternate pads. Stocks pads sound more balanced to me.
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'MOONDROP PARA'

    Well it will probably sound more colored after EQ. It doesn’t need it IMO but I know people will EQ it intensely and provide a Harman curve EQ that more people will enjoy.
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    Reply to review by 'corgifall' on item 'Spinfit Omni and W1 Ear Tips'

    CP100+ had less overall added color but I prefer both the W1 and Omni to all their prior tips so far. I do wish they would start selling W1 in specific sizes like the Omni.
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    The Watercooler -- Impressions, philosophical discussion and general banter. Index on first page. All welcome.

    For those interested in the new Spinfit Omni ear tips, I just posted a review of them.
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    Review by 'corgifall' on item 'Spinfit Omni and W1 Ear Tips'

    For a few years I’ve almost exclusively used spinfit tips on all my IEM reviews. I’ve cycled through every tip they’ve had minus their double flange offerings. My favorites being the super deep and wide bore CP500 and their medium size bore CP145. When I saw the release of the W1, I instantly...
  18. Spinfit Omni and W1 Ear Tips

    Spinfit Omni and W1 Ear Tips

    SpinFit patented spinnable 3D axis that bends to fit unique ear canals' angle like customized. Easy and affordable upgrade for the earphones. Sound is dispersed to fit the ear canal's direction, enhancing the sound performance. Dual-Layer Tube Core. The outer features a soft and skin-fiendly...
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    A sequel release, ARIA 2!

    As a huge fan of the OG Aria, I’m interested to give these a listen.
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    See MOONDROP planar PARA, CD player, and 2DD+8BA flagship IEM!

    Moondrop PARA review is up!
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    Review by 'corgifall' on item 'MOONDROP PARA'

    I have an interesting love-hate relationship with Moondrop products. I love their early IEMs and I’ve always enjoyed their DAC/amp dongles. The last year of their IEM releases have been rough for me since I found them all very unrefined. I never got a chance to hear the original set of Moondrop...


    Model: PARA Full-size Planar Headphones Sensitivity: 101dB/Vrms (@1kHz) Impedance: 8Ω±15% (@1kHz) Frequency Range: 15-53kHz (IEC61094, Free Field) Headphone Jack: 3.5mm Effective Frequency Range: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
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    Review by 'corgifall' on item 'iFi audio GO pod'

    I haven’t reviewed any iFi gear in forever. I normally like their gear and the last thing I reviewed from iFi was the GO blu portable DAC/amp. So given the enjoyment I got from that unit, I was interested in checking out what looked to be the GO Blu but in the form of adapters for IEMs to make...
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    Review by 'corgifall' on item 'Yanyin Canon II'

    I’m so used to reviewing IEMs from the bigger audio brands that a lot of the smaller brands and their hidden gems fly right past me. While I’ve never heard of Yanyin before, they seem to have a few mid range IEMs out in the market. I was offered to check out a demo unit of the Yanyin Canon II...