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  1. usinare

    Ibasso DX100 or Fostex HP-P1 with iPod classic 160gb

    which will give better sound quality.
  2. usinare

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    i am really enjoying my k550. sounds just like my mcintosh stereo system. i used to have sennheiser hd800. the hd800 had a wider soundstage and a bit smoother treble, but i prefer the overall experience of the k550. now i am an akg convert.
  3. usinare

    case for akg k550

    any recommendations.
  4. usinare

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    the akg k550 are awesome cans. i always preferred open cans. this is my first closed can that i consider to be on par with the seen hd650. really like it.
  5. usinare

    New Schiit Lyr: Hybrid 6W Headphone Amp. Yes. Six. Watts. RMS.

    this amp is beautiful. will it drive the sennheiser hd800 very well?
  6. usinare

    little dot mkIII or darkvoice 337

    buying one these to use with the senn hd800. i like the smooth lush sound signature. which is better.
  7. usinare

    X-can v8P vs X-can V8

    i am using dacmagic with the v8 and it is better than the internal dac of the v8.
  8. usinare

    musical fidelity x-can v8

    the dac in the v8p is average. it is good sounding. i recently upgraded to a dacmagic and there is a difference. not night and day though. the bass and instrument separation is better.
  9. usinare

    best sounding headphone for ipod 160gb

    need some advice.
  10. usinare

    x can v8 appreciation thread

    i got the xcan v8 2 weeks ago and i am extremely happy. very warm, open, detailed and laid back sound. it is not harsh at all. i am using it with cambridge dacmagic and sennheiser hd800 and apple lossless files. i am thinking of exchanging it for the x-can v8p.
  11. usinare

    HD800 Amp match made in heaven.. what is it?

    the benchmark is analytical sounding, but not exciting. it doesnot get you involved deeply in the music. it is more an accurate tool for audio analysis.
  12. usinare

    Amp Recommendation for HD-800

    i am currently using hd800 with cambridge dacmagic amd musical fidelity x-can v8. my source is apple lossless from macbook pro. i am very happy with this setup. very neutral, open and warm sounding. the x-can v8 is a little laid back. if you prefer more forward sounding amp, then its not for you.
  13. usinare

    My X-CAN v8 arrived - some questions.

    i got mine 2 days ago. i like it very much. very smooth sounding. i also get the little noise when i tap on the unit. i am thinking of getting the cambridge dacmagic to use as a dac.
  14. usinare

    musical fidelity x-can v8

    where can i purchase one in the USA.
  15. usinare

    any black friday deals ?

    i am ready to spend
  16. usinare

    newbie looking for a desktop amp for hd800

    for you experienced guys, what is your recommendation. my files are mostlly from cds or apple lossless in itunes on a macbook pro and apple lossless on 160gb ipod. input sources will be usb or analog. my budget limit is no more than $1000. i listen to mostly jazz and soft rock.
  17. usinare

    What portable/transportable amp can work with HD800?

    there are always better amps even among AC powered. but for someone to say no battery powered amp can drive the hd800 is absolutely false. i use mine as a portable at work, in the library, at home. i do not walk around with it on the streets.
  18. usinare

    What portable/transportable amp can work with HD800?

    battery powered amps can drive the hd800 easily especially the headroom micro amp. all that is needed is the battery being able to output the needed voltage and current. i even use the dac on this battery powered amp and it sounds much better than the analog input. dont believe the hype.
  19. usinare

    What portable/transportable amp can work with HD800?

    i use the headroom portable micro amp with dac and hd800 and i am very satisfied. i consider myself an audiophile. i did compare this little amp with the benchmark dac 1 usb. the benchmark was a little better for 2x the price of the micro amp...........??????
  20. usinare

    AES New York

    went to the expo yesterday. stopped by the sennheiser booth. they had the hd800 hooked up to the headroom desktop amp. source was ipod nano. i was very impressed. these headroom amps are amazing. the sound was clean, dynamic, bass was tight and fast. i already own the hd800 and micro portable...
  21. usinare

    desktop portable vs micro portable

    apart from more inputs of the desktop portable amp, is there a difference in sound quality?
  22. usinare

    newbie review of the senn hd800

    i consider myself an audiophile but new to the high end headphone world. i read a review of the 3 high end phones in the home entertainment magazine. the reviewer did say these headphones sound better than $30k audio systems. i got curious, so i took my 80gb ipod and headed straight to J&R in...
  23. usinare

    best sounding portable hard disk/flash music player

    what are your recommendations.
  24. usinare

    looking for best portable amp for senn hd800

    i need an amp i can use at home, work and library. what is your recommendation for the best sound quality.
  25. usinare

    portable amp for sennheiser hd800

    i just got the hd800. my ipod is not strong enough to drive these 300 ohm phones. what portable amp will you recommend. i need a really good one. will be using it at home, at work , and the public library.