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  1. MD1032

    Official NYC Fall 2015 Regional Meet Impressions

    Sorry, very very late checking in here. I had a great time and it was great to see everyone again after so long. Especially to meet Spritzer for the first time. What a great and knowledgeable guy. Telica as usual brought some heavenly chocolate snacks for us. Thank you very much. Aaron, great...
  2. MD1032

    Official NYC area / Regional Fall meet, November 14th, 2015 - Stamford Sheraton

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow... have to say, though, wow, you guys picked a heck of a location. A whopping 2-2.5 hours from my apartment in eastern PA...I'll probably be a couple hours late. haha
  3. MD1032

    Official New York Spring Meet Sat May 2nd 2015

    I'm putting this on my calendar. I should be there. I might bring a pair of headphones, otherwise I don't think I will bother bringing any of my gear. I actually still haven't fixed my turntable's cartridge yet from last year. I need to get on that, but I moved to PA and life has been busy.
  4. MD1032

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

      Magic Hat #9 is terrible. The worst part is that Magic Hat themselves seem to be very enamored with it even though their brewery produces many beers which are far better. The marketing on it only adds insult to injury, "A beer cloaked in secrecy. An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate...
  5. MD1032

    What's Your Alcoholic Drink of Choice? // Drink Discussion

      Hell yes. Their tripel is also outstanding although I do prefer Westmalle.
  6. MD1032

    Audio-GD NFB-3 (2014) ES9018 DAC

    This DAC looks interesting, specifically, I'm interested in how it compares to the Schiit Bifrost Uber. The signal-to-noise ratio is the only thing that isn't particularly impressive on the spec sheet.   edit: I see they also came out with some other balanced DACS with the ES9018 chip in them...
  7. MD1032

    LCD-2 or 3 as Companion Phones to the HD800

    The X sounds like the 3 but with jacked up bass. It is to the LCD-3 what the HD650 is to the HD600.
  8. MD1032

    LCD-2 or 3 as Companion Phones to the HD800

    I think you need STAX, but that stuff requires a pretty significant investment between the amp and the phones, so it might not be practical for you.   Finding high end phones with a dark sound signature is hard because manufacturers intentionally engineer high-end phones to be a little on the...
  9. MD1032

    Official/ New York Spring Meet Sat April 5 2014 - Impressions Thread

    It was a great meet. I think it has to be said, though, attendance was mediocre this year. A lot of people didn't show up, and not just the people who were sick. Of course, who am I to talk, being the person who literally missed the meet last year because I wasn't paying attention.   I would...
  10. MD1032

    Official/ New York Spring Meet Sat April 5 2014

    OK, I have decided what I am going to bring to the meet. I am going to forego my computer rig this year because I reformatted my laptop recently and neither of my other two computers are very portable. I will be bringing:   Denon DP-790 w/Grado Black Hafler SE100 phono stage, with copious...
  11. MD1032

    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Hardware/Software/Overclocking)

      FWIW, I gave up on the static discharge thing years ago. I used to be the person that wore one of those wired bracelets and grounded it to the chassis while working on the inside of the computer but one day I needed to throw together a computer in like 30 minutes and said "F it". Built 3...
  12. MD1032

    Motherboard manufacturers going for "Hi-Fi" onboard sound

    I bought an Asrock Z87 Extreme4 and I just realized today that apparently they tried to add some kind of fancy onboard sound to it that is supposedly better than typical motherboard onboard sound. I saw the "purity sound" logo on the mobo when I put it in, obviously, but apparently it's actually...
  13. MD1032

    Looking for sub-$500 computer speakers?

    Basically, in order to get the same level of sound quality from a speaker, you have to spend 10 times as much as on an equivalent headphone. It is only a rule of thumb and in reality the gap is probably closing as speaker and amplifier technology gets better and headphones go up in price, but in...
  14. MD1032

    Looking for sub-$500 computer speakers?

    When you move from a headphone to a speaker, you're going to take an automatic loss in resolution/SQ because of the "1:10 speaker:headphone ratio" everyone talks about around here. I do not understand the recent fascination with small monitor speakers on this forum. If you're going to buy...
  15. MD1032

    Upgrading from motherboard sound, Also: competitive FPS gaming

    At this point a sound card is definitely not going to make or break any computer in my opinion. Very few games (especially FPS's) put any load on the computer in the sound department. The only difference I've ever seen (assuming everything was operating correctly with correct drivers) was in WOW...
  16. MD1032

    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Hardware/Software/Overclocking)

    Haven't been on Head-Fi much recently, but have been posting my butt off on Tom's Hardware recently and figured the following was relevant to this thread (and yet I feel as if I am going off topic based on the past few pages):
  17. MD1032

    Best Grado Headphone..?

    I voted for the SR60 (or SR60i, doesn't matter). Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather own an RS-1, but the SR60 is the best Grado ever made. There's no other headphone that puts so much hi-fi in a person's hands for less than $100. I've given away dozens of pairs to friends and family over the...
  18. MD1032

    Official NY /Regional Fall meet, November 9th, 2013

    I will try to attend if possible! I will can volunteer gear if desired once the date gets closer.
  19. MD1032

    OCCUPY HI-FI - about Head-Fi (in relation to High End Audio) - GLOVES ARE OFF

    Good article, thanks for posting. In the age of "personal audio" really starting to truly take over, I am still very surprised that more young people like some of my coworkers have never heard of this place or even thought about high-end audio. I have been doing hi-fi for so long that it's...
  20. MD1032

    PHILADELPHIA area meet October 26th, 2013

    Quote: Sorry, I totally double-booked. I'll be at a VT game that weekend and I can't go. Darn, I'm really bummed. I'll have to make it next year, guys!
  21. MD1032

    PHILADELPHIA area meet October 26th, 2013

    Edit: Unable to attend, forgot I'll be at a game that weekend. Sorry!!
  22. MD1032

    Official NYC spring meet 2012 impression thread

    Fantastic meet. Thanks again to Tom. My personal favorite was the Stax 009 and the blue hawaii. Honestly, I'm not much of an electrostatic guy (you guys know me), but that combo was un-freaking-real. I'd love to compare them side by side with the Orpheus sometime and see how they fare....they...