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  1. arreat89

    Headphone Sightings 2

    At my school library I've seen:   Allen & Heath XD-53s Pioneer HDJ2000 SRH-840s V-Moda Crossfades Some Behringer headphones Someone from my class might've had M50s but I didn't get a good enough look   I also had the displeasure of hearing some guy with beats pro rave about it...
  2. arreat89

    I can't decide between the CX300-II, CX500, and the EP-630s

    I'm in Canada and I can't seem to find the CX250s
  3. arreat89

    I can't decide between the CX300-II, CX500, and the EP-630s

    My budget is $60, which happens to be the price of the CX500, however I'm wondering how the CX300-II and EP-630's compares to the CX500? I can find the EP-630 for dirt cheap ($20-25ish), but will the sound reflect the price? How does the CX300-II compare? I'm looking for clarity and of course...
  4. arreat89

    Where can I find that thread that compares various headphones?

    It's like a general guide for newbs. It was stickied but I can't find it anymore. nvm
  5. arreat89

    Help on buying my first pair of headphones (that cost over $50)

    OK, It's simple I like headphones with a lot of bass and now I'm looking at the CX-200 Street II and the Shure SE110s. I also am taking comfort, isolation, durability and other stuff in consideration. Also is the sound of the CX-300's considerably better than CX-200 SII and the Shure SE110's...
  6. arreat89

    How are the JVC Marshmallows in comparison to V-Moda Vibes?

    I liked the Marshmallows because of the bass, but I was wondering how the V-Modas are in comparison to the Marshmallows? Does it have all around better sound quality? I know it's twice the price but I wouldn't mind plucking down money the if it meant better sound quality. If it had equal bass to...
  7. arreat89

    How are RPHJE300Ks? Are they any good?

    They're on sale and just want to know if its worth $25. Are they worth the money?
  8. arreat89

    Where can I buy fx66 tips?

    The medium sized ones, I lost one of mine when I was pulling it out of my pocket, I didn't realize it dropped because I was distracted from untangling the wires. Any stores that carry them?
  9. arreat89

    Are JVC FX66's best left alone or do they sound better with kramer mod?

    And how does it compare to kramer modded fx33? Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't find any thread asking my question. Forgive my noobiness, I don't know much about this subject.
  10. arreat89

    [FYI] Basic Guide to In-Ear-Canalphones (rev.4)

    I'm new at this but... Concerning noise isolation, are foam tips better than soft plastic tips? I'm looking at the JVC HA-FX55 and JVC HA-FX66, I can't decide which has the better sound quality, noise isolation, comfort, and can stay in the ear long (unlike the FX33 which I have now). I...
  11. arreat89

    Which earphones are better, JVC HA-FX55 or FX66?

    Durability - I am pretty rough with mine, and what I really need most is a durable durable wire. I usually yank out my headphones whenever I want to switch from my computer speakers to my MP3 player. Sound quality - I listen to rock and rap most, I like having a lot of bass. I liked the sound...
  12. arreat89

    Anyone know of some decent cushions that fit on JVC HA-fx33?

    I'm thinking of buying another pair of headphones, are there any not so expensive ones that have cushions that fit the marshmallows? The stock cushions of the marshmallows are way too large and are rock solid, not to mention they can never stay in my ear. I don't want to spend more than $40...
  13. arreat89

    New to the whole audiophile scene - what headphones should I get?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TSi NONE OF THOSE AKG K701 =D =D =D jks jks jks, basically depending on your budget and your taste, it really differs. I'm hoping to keep it under $40, as for taste, I listen to rap and rock mostly.
  14. arreat89

    New to the whole audiophile scene - what headphones should I get?

    I don't know much about sound quality and would like to know which is the best of these choices. I've read the stickied headphone guide and I've narrowed it to: HA-FX55V-W HA-FX33 RPHJE200W SO which is the best choice?