How are RPHJE300Ks? Are they any good?
Oct 4, 2008 at 12:38 PM Post #2 of 2
I found them much better sound qualitythan any other $20 earphone I've used including the marshmallow so there not half bad and there very very comfy. The highs arn't harsh the mids arn't cold or to warm and the bass has enough presence and snap to be enjoyable with out muddiness or being bloated. They have a very balanced sound and they have sound stage. A narrow forward sound stage but its better than any other $20 bud I know of. However off all the earphones I've used they isolate the least its in the realm where you can hear everything but its just not as loud its definitely not daily metro or commute in the city kind of isolation thats the only grip I have for them. Other than that there pretty good cheap earphones.

Hope this helps and happy listeneing

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