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  1. Alex_O Rules

    2011 Atlanta Meet on March 19

    Wow.  So after a boatload of buying and selling (mostly at a loss) I think I may have found my grail... 
  2. Stax SR-Ω (SR-Omega)

    Stax SR-Ω (SR-Omega)

    Stax SR-Ω (SR-Omega). Also known as the 'Omega 1'.
  3. Meridian 508.24

    Meridian 508.24

    Meridian 508.24 CD Player
  4. DIY Blue Hawaii

    DIY Blue Hawaii

    Kevin Gilmore's Blue Hawaii Hybrid Electrostatic Amplifier
  5. Alex_O Rules

    2011 Atlanta Meet on March 19

    Does anyone have the HD800 or T1?  I'm debating between them, and would love to hear them sometime this weekend.  I have a Blue Hawaii on the way, that should arrive on Thursday (!)
  6. Alex_O Rules

    eXStatA Build Thread II

    Hey all.  I thought I had more time for this project, but it looks like my work life is going to attack me for a few months.  If anyone has an eXStatA (or 717 or KGSS) they are not using and wishes to sell, please drop me a PM.
  7. Alex_O Rules

    JMoney or other leather pads for the Sennheiser HE60 (Baby Orpheus) ?

    Has JMoney or anyone else made leather pads for the Sennheiser Baby Orpheus HE-60?
  8. Alex_O Rules

    eXStatA Build Thread II

    Thanks everyone!   Do any changes need to made to accommodate the Cooper 78-S6S jack?  If so, can I get a hand with it?  I've never done anything with FPE, and given how expensive the panels are I don't want to mess up. 
  9. Alex_O Rules

    Atlanta Electronic Parts Shops?

    Sweet. Thanks!  I have also checked out and bookmarked it.  :)
  10. Alex_O Rules

    Atlanta Electronic Parts Shops?

    Does anyone know of any decent Atlanta-area electronic parts shops?
  11. Alex_O Rules

    eXStatA Build Thread II

    Hi all!   My first Exstata build.  Does anyone have any Stax connectors left?  Also, in the panel templates from Sachu, I noticed they are 106mm x 310mm.  Which enclosure does this correspond to?  I have a parmetals 20-series case that is 12" x 12" x 5".  It would seem that Sachu's FPE...
  12. Alex_O Rules

    2011 Atlanta Meet on March 19

    I will have some fun, new items too. Omega II Mark II KGSS HD650 RSA Stealth LCD2 Beta22 Etymotics Meridian 508.24 Not close to Purk, but still cool! ;) Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk
  13. Alex_O Rules

    Wanna buy the Stax sr009, should I?

    Yes.  Purchase them.  I would put money on them becoming the best electrostatic headphones at any cost.  I strongly suspect they will wreck the Omega II and HE90.  I e-mailed Stax about the 007 vs HE90 a few years ago.  Stax replied stating (and I'm paraphrasing) that they wish for the...
  14. Alex_O Rules

    REVIEW Summary/Index: 22 Solid State Home Headphone Amps

    Reading the b22 review, I find it pretty hilarious that you'd prefer any singlepower over it.  That's like prefering the es-1 (srx!) over the t2.  The beta22 is measurably one of, if not the most perfect non-electrostatic headphone amp.  Unless of course, you're looking for color...  I mean...
  15. Alex_O Rules

    A great Solid State amp?

    I believe the beta22 is pretty much king of the solid state amplifiers.  I have not heard anything better.
  16. Alex_O Rules

    Rudistor realeased a new flagship amp

    Having given this some thought, I have a bit of a reflection on it.  While I am not familiar with RudiStor's products, I am very much familiar with the beta22 having built a few of them.  Thing is, a beta22 (and the beta24 for that matter) are such excellent amps that 'real' manufacturers...
  17. Alex_O Rules

    Rudistor realeased a new flagship amp

    I'm not weighing in on the arguments either, but great job on the casing baka.  It looks really good.
  18. Alex_O Rules

    Why am I having so much trouble typing posts?

    I have the same issue with Firefox 4.0 on both Mac and PC.  I am not able to get a blinking cursor unless I double click the source button.  When I press enter, nothing seems to happen and I simply type one massive line.  However, when I post the line breaks are all appended to the bottom.
  19. Alex_O Rules

    Headamp KGSS BOM?

    My issue with panel design is the sizing of all perforations.  For example, exactly which IEC input should be used?  What about switches?  etc.. etc..  I realize it's easy for most, but for a newbie in panel design it's a bit daunting.
  20. Alex_O Rules

    Headamp KGSS BOM?

    Also- does anyone have a recommendation on an enclosure?  Better still, an enclosure and a front and back panel design?  :)
  21. Alex_O Rules

    Headamp KGSS BOM?

    I am looking to build my first KGSS using Headamp's PCBs. I think that a great deal of people have done that.  Is there a reasonably up to date BOM that someone has used?
  22. Alex_O Rules

    The BEST-LOOKING Headphones

    I'm still trying to buy a pair.  :(   Quote:  
  23. Alex_O Rules

    The most beautiful headphones you know of?

    I'd say the following in no particular order:   Stax SR-007 mk2 Sennheiser HE90 Sony Qualia 010 Beyerdynamic T1 Audio-Technica ATH-W2002
  24. Alex_O Rules

    2011 Atlanta Meet on March 19

    Ooooh, I'd love to hear your T1 and HE6!  Any interest in a mini meet?  I have the O2mk2, t50p, rs-2, earmax pro, gilmore lite, beta22
  25. Alex_O Rules

    2011 Atlanta Meet on March 19

    I can't believe I missed this one!!!!!   I would love to host / attend another one.   btw- does anyone in Atlanta have the LCD-2?  I'd love to hear them.