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  1. Shervin

    Suggestions for HE-500 replacement?

    Merry Xmas all! I have owned my HE-500s for years and I absolutely adore them. They sound like perfection with my schiit lyr and telefunken tubes. I did some research and ended up getting the E-Mu Teak headphones. I'm not really impressed, they sound pretty good at low volume but once i...
  2. Shervin

    Advice on which AKG combo?

    Thanks for the advice! I guess I'll be ordering the Q701 after work with the lyr + bifrost 115v with usb added. I'm actually excited, i've been trying to find flac versions of tracks I truly enjoy to see the difference once i get the setup.
  3. Shervin

    Advice on which AKG combo?

    Gentlemen! I've been reading the forums for months regarding amps, dacs, k702/q701, and k550s. I have this illogical devotion to AKG, due to my previous AKG headphones, and have trouble deciding between two different type of headphones. I recently received a cash bonus from work so I have the...
  4. Shervin

    I thought I knew what I wanted but now I dont...

    Hello!  I have been saving money on the side to buy an AKG Q701 (I am an AKG fan and settled on the q701 for some time) as well as a DAC and Amplifier. I am looking for a stationary and not portable solution.   Now I had my eyes on a fiiO e7 and e9 combo because of the cost... But I just...