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  1. jimmyjohn

    Melos SHA 1 Preamp help/advice HELP HELP

    I'm definitely interested in any info and photos, as I have the same unit. When you said "got everything back together,, sounds great EXCEPT nothing from the right channel", were you implying that you thought it sounded better then stock, even though you were only listening through one...
  2. jimmyjohn

    Melos SHA 1 Preamp help/advice HELP HELP

    Subscribed, and email sent.
  3. jimmyjohn

    AKG K601 & K612 Pro Owners... UNITE!!

    I picked up a pair of K601's last week, and I am selling my Grado SR-325i's. The 601's are much warmer, and more balanced. I am listening through a Melos SHA-1, and they sound terrific. Jim D.
  4. jimmyjohn

    Where to audition headphones in Colorado?

    HeadphoneAddict: Where in Colorado are you located? Are you in Colorado Springs? Jim
  5. jimmyjohn

    Where to audition headphones in Colorado?

    I have a pair of Grado SR-325i's, but would like to hear some other cans. Who in Colorado carries other brands of headphones? I live in Colorado Springs, but will happily take a road trip on a weekend. I am aware of the upcoming "Front Range Headphone Meet" in July, but may not be able to...
  6. jimmyjohn

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Does anyone need a power supply? I sold my MAX to a gentleman in the UK, and he has no use for the power supply. It's a Radio Shack unit: - Power & Batteries: Home & office power: AC (Home) adapters: 18/24VAC 1000mA AC-to-AC Adapter Let me know if you're interested, and...
  7. jimmyjohn

    Car Damping Sheets

    I've used Dynamat (a similar product) to damp the inside of a CD player (cover, chassis panels and transport mounts) with good results.
  8. jimmyjohn

    Bottlehead S.E.X. ---thoughts?

    There are couple of people that will build the Bottlehead kits for you. You could ask for names in the Bottlehead forums. Also, if you want more info, go the the product page for the S.E.X. amp and scroll down to the end to find dozens of testimonials. The products are easy to build, they...
  9. jimmyjohn

    Are there any DIY tube amplifiers?

    Check out the Bottlehead S.E.X. (Single Ended Experimenter's) amp: Single Ended eXperimenter's Kit
  10. jimmyjohn

    Just about the Grado 325i

    I bought a pair of 325i's about three weeks ago, and have listened to them direct from a Sony DVP-S7000 DVD/CD player, and through a Millett Maxed tube headphone amp. They are great sounding headphones, with a nice balance. I don't find the highs to be overpowering or shrill, and the midrange is...
  11. jimmyjohn

    most musical/warm cd player new or used under $500

    This was mentioned above, and I just saw this on Audiogon. (I have no affiliation the seller): AudiogoN ForSale: Musical fidelity X-10V3 Tube Buffer
  12. jimmyjohn

    Can a Senn cable be converted for use on Grado?

    The upgrade cables for Senn phones look like they have some type of plug at the headphone end. Can these be removed to use this cable for Grado 325i? I have found a used Cardas cable at a good price, and wondered if I could use it for my Grado. How difficult is it to open the Grado 325i...
  13. jimmyjohn

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by Negatron Power supply and ground are on the board so probably not. Did you by any chance remove the tubes and mistakenly put them in the opposite sockets? Yes, that's certainly a possibility, since I removed the tubes to get the case open when I...
  14. jimmyjohn

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Another troubleshooting question: I bought a used unit a couple of weeks ago, and it's been working fine. However, yesterday I checked the bias voltages (normally 14.5V), and one channel was 9.9V while the other was around 20V. There was a pretty equal voltage change in opposite directions...
  15. jimmyjohn

    Music Hall MMF-2.2 a worthwhile upgrade from the 2.1?

    Try posting this question on the vinyl forum at ""
  16. jimmyjohn

    Need headphone capability - what are my options

    My current system consists of a CEC CD player, Bottlehead Foreplay preamp, a pair of Wright 2A3 SET amps, and Pi speakers. None of the components have a headphone jack, so I'm trying to decide on the best and most economical path to headphone capability. The logical approach seem to be either...