Where to audition headphones in Colorado?
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Dec 29, 2007
I have a pair of Grado SR-325i's, but would like to hear some other cans. Who in Colorado carries other brands of headphones? I live in Colorado Springs, but will happily take a road trip on a weekend.

I am aware of the upcoming "Front Range Headphone Meet" in July, but may not be able to make it.


Jim D
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Listen Up in Denver/Boulder has Grados and Senns at least. Last few times I've been in they only had up to 225 in Grados (both stores) and usually 555/595, 590 (Boulder), 650 (only ever seen 650s at Denver store). Would definitely give them a call before driving up to see what they have on hand first.

Last time I was downtown they had XCan v3 attached to a Denon CD player for the 650s. Boulder used to have XCan and RA1 with Denon CD player as front end but last time I was in there were no amps at all.

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ListenUp in Colorado Springs at Tejon and Platte usually has the Grado SR-60 through SR-225 to demo (but usually not higher), also usually a Denon D1000/2000/5000, some Shure and Denon IEM, and some Sennheiser's in the 500's but no HD580/600/650.

If you want to hear high end Sennheiser or Grado you have to go to Denver.

There is an Audio Shop at Cascade and Cimmaron with the low end Grados, and wireless Sennheiser.
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Yes, I am in The Springs

Blutarsky and I wont charge too much admission fees to let you listen to our stuff sometime. Also, see this thread Colorado Front Range Summer Meet - 7.26.08 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio

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