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  1. Stephen Murphy

    MHDT Havana DAC

    I was thinking of the 2.2uf for C33 and C35. They are 40mm X 40mm X 26mm.
  2. Stephen Murphy

    MHDT Havana DAC

    Thanks for the Schottky info. Will those Rikes fit into the Havana? They look huge!
  3. Stephen Murphy

    MHDT Havana DAC

    I am doing some more upgrades on my Havana and I am ordering some Schottky diodes from PartsConnexion. I have read through this thread several times but can't seem to nail down the exact type to order. They have several types to choose from:   1A 600V 4A 600V 5A 1200V 6A 600V 10A 600V 10A...
  4. Stephen Murphy

    MHDT Steeplechase Tube 24/192 DAC - Thoughts?

    They say it is an NOS dac, yet the specs say the AK4396 is a 128 X oversampling chip. I'm not smart enough to know by reading the specs whether the oversampling can be turned off.   I would be very interested in this. I have a Havana and I only listen to hi-res material. I would love to be...
  5. Stephen Murphy

    YULONG's new U18 USB 24/192 Async digital Interface

    No luck so far. Kind of like the Alberta weather.;) Hope your Christmas has been good.   I tried the Audio GD driver just to see if it would install with the Yulong plugged in since they use the same chip, but it would not do it. I also tried to get ASIO4ALL to play with the Yulong but they...
  6. Stephen Murphy

    YULONG's new U18 USB 24/192 Async digital Interface

    I got my U18 yesterday. I have not been able to get it to run with my player. I use cPlay on an XP machine. When I try to load a track I get the following error:   ASIO Driver starting... Output  1 [ YULONG_ASIO_Out_0 (L) ] Active (1) type (NOT SUPPORTED, type=16) > Left Channel Output...
  7. Stephen Murphy

    Mdht Stockholm - New Dac w/Asynch USB Input

    I don't know much about the details of digital, but I would have thought the PCM56P chip would only do 16 bit/44.1 kHz. This DAC says it uses the same chip yet does 24 bit/192 kHz. Can someone explain how this works?
  8. Stephen Murphy

    sibilance HD600

    Quote: Sibilance issues with Eva Cassidy are pretty well documented. For example, this from a Hagerman DAC review: For the next few tests, I used the most sibilant CD (now FLAC) that I own, Eva Cassidy's Songbird.
  9. Stephen Murphy

    Looking for a new cartridge. ~$150-200

    Quote: You get them right from Jico here. They are extremely busy right now since everyone seems to want one, but they usually ship within a couple weeks. I bought one and already bought another for when this one wears out in a couple years. :)
  10. Stephen Murphy

    Looking for a new cartridge. ~$150-200

    The Shure M97xE is a very good cart. The biggest thing holding it back from greatness is the stylus and cantilever. A real compromise from Shure who used to make killer stylii before cutting back operations. Enter Jico. They make a Jico SAS replacement for the Shure M97xE which is a perfect fit...
  11. Stephen Murphy

    MHDT Havana DAC

    Does the M2tech HiFace mess with the sampling rate of the signal or does it just pass it through as 16/44?
  12. Stephen Murphy

    Turntable and Amp for use with HD600?

    Hard to say since you are in the beautiful UK. I am using a Marantz 1060 and it works really well with the HD600s. They go for your price range regularly on eBay, but that is in and around North America. Don't know if there are any available near you since shipping would be a killer. The...
  13. Stephen Murphy

    Enjoying my HD600 even more.

    Quote: Originally Posted by john53 I really like my hd 600 in my setup,and i hope i will find a solution to my earpads problem soon,because if i don't,i will give them up and buy another headphone from another company.(i actually don't want to do that cause i like them a lot) I...
  14. Stephen Murphy

    HD800 for monitoring

    Quote: Originally Posted by elbuzzard proven WRONG yet still rationalizing. Your revered producer uses 701. Do you think ALO swaps out the transducers? Its still the AKG 701 sound sig. These are the same guys that charge 150 for a ipod LOD. Who knows, maybe Steve got them free or...
  15. Stephen Murphy

    HD800 for monitoring

    Quote: Originally Posted by lejaz I'm curious what hp Steve Hoffman used before there was a hd800 or an ALO modded K701...hd600? There is an old thread here in which he talks about using Koss Pro-4AA's but I don't know if he's just joking or not. As far as mixing and mastering...
  16. Stephen Murphy

    HD800 for monitoring

    Quote: Originally Posted by Acix It's very simple, the K702 is one of the best reference hps for studio use (you like it or not). Studio people who's ears I really trust, namely Steve Hoffman and Jamie Tate, would not agree with you at all. (you like it or not). Steve Hoffman...
  17. Stephen Murphy

    Stylus came off my Benz M2 Wood Phono Cart

    Quote: Originally Posted by jsaliga Earlier today, however, the stylus on my Benz M2 wood body phono cartridge literally fell off. The question is, how old is that cart? I had a Glider for five years and the stylus is worn out, but at least it's still glued on. How long have you...
  18. Stephen Murphy

    I don't understand what soundstage is

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oggranak The intro to The Boys in the Band with the guy laughing and the coin making noise sounds surprisingly 'real' but I wouldn't say it's quite binaural-sounding. It does testify to the spacious feel of the album, though, that both of us had thought of...
  19. Stephen Murphy

    I don't understand what soundstage is

    Quote: Originally Posted by intoart Unfortunately, there are very few binaural CDs available, and most of those that there are have mediocre content, as well as being rather old (I sold more than a dozen because the content made them not worth repeated listening after the initial...
  20. Stephen Murphy

    AKG K701s too bright! How do I warm it up?

    Quote: Originally Posted by triode12 In a way...yes..not meant for badly recorded music. That is what High Fidelity is all about - faithfullness to the original. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to the audio hobby. Generally, the higher up you go in equipment quality (more transparent)...
  21. Stephen Murphy

    I heart K701 (over HD600): On the importance of personal experience

    Quote: Originally Posted by TopPop So... well... hang on... the moral of the story is... is... to pick the pair of headphones that mixes best with booze?? Finally, someone understands me! I said it was a bad analogy, but it seems in the short term people might prefer the...
  22. Stephen Murphy

    I heart K701 (over HD600): On the importance of personal experience

    I agree with your sentiment that the best option is to try all contenders before you buy. That is impossible to do in practice for a lot of us so we end up buying a few, trying and then either keeping or selling. I am not sure however, that your "try for one minute at the mall and then become...
  23. Stephen Murphy

    Blown away by K701, HD650's may be looking for new home

    I would give it some time before making the big decision, unless you are in a rush. The object is not to be able to hear exactly what McCoy Tyner is humming while he is playing. The object is to hear what he is saying with his piano... No question that the K701s tune you in to hearing things...
  24. Stephen Murphy

    Vinyl lovers! Which cans are most forgiving (and unforgiving) to surface noise??

    I am sure you are already enjoying some great sound with your current vinyl rig as listed in your sig. The weakest link might be the phono stage. Things would improve greatly if you could upgrade to something (used) with tubes such as an Audio Research or Sonic Frontiers unit. You would hear a...
  25. Stephen Murphy

    Looking for a good beginners replacement catridge.

    Quote: Originally Posted by memepool The R version above is fairly recent and is substantially different to the classic version mainly in this top end lift which is pretty common amongst modern carts. I've never measured the 103 myself but I have plenty of measuements from magazines...