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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Tonight I'm having some Magic Hat - not quite Pale Ale. A light refreshing beer (or 2) to drink after a hard days work. Probably not the highest ranking beer out there, but I think it tastes good.
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    Rant : PC crash and reboot

    Quote: Originally Posted by james444 Hi ziplock, while I second all of your suggestions, the vast majority of hardware problems I've come across were harddisk related and pretty much all of them had event records in the system log long before the users became aware of the issue. Not...
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Bummer nhancakes! Can't believe it would be so bad in the bottle. Expired by chance? I know Young's bottles their brews in dark glass so sun shouldn't have bothered it Perhaps try a pint'ish bottle from a large reseller who moves a lot of stock. That way you're less likely to get the...
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    The GrubDAC

    I wanted to bring up a parts issue with the current BOM of the GrubDAC. If you opt for the standard C5, C15 330uf 6.3V, 2.5mm ls,6.3mm dia max, 11.2mm high2Mouser647-UHE0J331MED caps instead of the C5, C15 alts, the hammond case will not close properly. The 11.2mm height of these caps is too...
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Looks like you guys have been enjoying some nice brews. I miss drinking my Belgium beers since I moved to Vermont! There are some good micros around here, but they mostly produce IPAs it seems. Don't get me wrong, I love a good IPA. But I miss the variety from Texas. Someone drink a St...
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    Your best audio related thrift store or garage sale find

    Quote: Originally Posted by cAsE sEnSiTiVe Mint condition Threshold S/300 amplifier at a Goodwill store in LA for $110. Donated by a divorcee that apparently had no idea of its worth....and luckily for me, neither did the store. That's a superb find! Well done.
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    Your best audio related thrift store or garage sale find

    My best find so far is a Pioneer PD-91 for $15. Found it at some small thrift-store back in Austin, TX. Pioneer PD-91 on TVK The laser lens popped off, which is very common with Pioneers of this vintage it seems. I glued it back on and enjoyed the unit for a long time, but in the end I...
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    Windows 7 taskbar annoyance

    If you want the traditional context menu, hold shift while right clicking.
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    What PSU to buy..

    Hey guys, Sonci, In all seriousness. Let's not forget about Sparkle! These guys build tanks for power supplies. Even the lowest wattage models weigh far more than you would expect. This says a lot about quality. The parent company Fortron/FSP builds PSUs for the sever industry. In...
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    Possibly the most irritating computer problem (please help)

    ECS - AKA "The FUSE" I hate to say it, but those motherboards are not known for their quality or reliability. I've replaced dozens of them in the past. They're ticking time bombs. Often the capacitors end up popping which in turn can cause many of the symptoms you've described. Anyway...
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    Ouch - The most painful thing you've experienced

    I seem to have bad luck with insects of the stinging variety. Age 8 playing around on the fort my father had built me. I was repelling down one of the pillars with some rope. It seems I disturbed a rather massive nest of yellow jackets. I was stung repeatedly and fell about six feet to the...
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    fubar II dac - op amp rolling

    So it does. I just skimmed over the details. Sorry for the confusion roker! You can purchase the whole assembly and replace OPA2604 in your Fubar. Just make sure pin one of the adapter goes to the notch and you're good. Z
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    Is it a good idea to microwave amp tubes?

    Come on guys, do you really think they give a **** about burning up the microwave? I seriously doubt they plan on cooking hot pockets in that thing anytime soon. I thought the tube illumination prior to meltdown was actually pretty cool, but that's just me. I'm a bit of a mad scientist at...
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    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Does anybody remember royaldevice? This would be my dream system if I could ever afford it. I didn't see any references to it in this thread, so I'm going to post it. THE BIGGEST HORN SUB OF THE WORLD The page shows you the creation of this beast in it's entirety. You can get to the...
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    Bargain Find: Pioneer Elite PD-M59

    Made the rounds at the usual thrift shops, this low-mid-fi cdp caught my eye with a price tag of $9. Turned out the pickup lens had popped off (common with Pioneers). Glued it back on, made a few adjustments, and had her singing in under an hour. This unit uses a six disc magazine style...