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    What's your " go-to " IEM or portable headphone?

    Klipsch Custom 3 But since the cable died and its being repaired, the SM3 or MR2 Pro these days
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    New Creative Earphones - The Aurvana In-Ear 3

    S$199 = 199 Singapore Dollars. At present rates at this time I'm typing, that's US$162.20 inclusive of tax. Its gonna be hard, especially competing with the VSonic GR07 at that price point.
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    Earsonics sm3 V2

    I've managed to try out the V2s. The fit was way better on these ears than V1 was, the shelling was larger than that of the V1. The seal was by far and away better than the V1 as well as the housing sat on these ears perfectly and hhelped the outer layers of the biflange I use sit in place...
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    Next step in IE, have Sure 5 now whats next?

    You might wanna have a look at the 1964 Custom In Ears? =)
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    FX67 Review | A Hidden Gem

    Sound sig pref > technical capabilities, people seem to miss these quite a bit.   The FX67 are quite a fun pair last I remember =3 I may just head out and buy another pair now that I've read this XD
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    i think i hate mids.

    Wait? 250? I got the SRH840 for $150 from someone in Richmond BC o.o
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    Earsonics sm3 V2

    Damn, feel like doing a trade in now D=   How do we go about the upgrade process? =O
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    Review: VSonic GR07 - Dynamic Monitors? Check!

    From the short time I had with the GR07, I'd say that technically, they have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the KC3. They sound airier and have an easier sound signature to get into compared to the KC3 as well, more liquid-like compared to the slightly more serious nature of the...
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    miu mr2 pro

    For those of you who are able to but have yet to do this, throw a PtoS Cable (5 Ohm Impedance adapter) into the mix. It should help taming the bass down quite a bit from what I'm experiencing on my end =)
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    Monster MD Fit Questions

    From the sound of it, it seems that the exit bore of your eartip maybe very close to closing itself via the wall of your ear canal (too deeply inserted).   It happens to me when a canal phone isn't inserted at a proper angle into my ears.   Did you try adjusting the earphone to a...
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    miu mr2 pro

      Made a few changes here, brings out the treble better overall.   Still bassy though.   Have a feeling that all that bass rumble is made by the resonance in the housing itself, but the technical performance of the MR2 isn't actually bad. Comparing it back to back with the...
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    Just orded some Westone UM3X - have I made a mistake?

    Used the UM3X paired with Shure Olives running from the Sansa Fuze. Good sound, good sound, I'd enjoy them if I did get them then today =) Good, well balanced sound, relatively intimate as well with good instrumental separation. You should experiment with tips to see which ones sound the best...
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    miu mr2 pro

    B-but... It won't stay in my ears with the default tips! *sadface* =<
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    miu mr2 pro

    Just read through the thread, and while I'm rather skeptical (despite not having heard the IE8), I'll just translate what the conclusion of the reviewer was. 總結/Conclusion:  高頻/Highs: MR2pro-->IE8 中頻/Mids: MR2pro-->IE8 低頻 (量)/Bass (Quantity): IE8-->MR2pro 低頻 (質)/Bass (Quality)...