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    Is the HD800 overpriced?

    If you think 1400 is bad, I have seen cans go for 3500 - 5000 that are really not better than the HD 800's. That's what I'd call over priced...
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    Where do you get your music?

    you're all gonna laugh, but I like my HD mixes on youtube
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    The Semi-Official IGrado Appreciation (and Criticism) Thread :)

    Quote: I have to agree with the 'listener fatigue'. My ears were constantly brushing up against the driver housing...
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    Headphones - WORN!!! - new thread - no nudity

    Quote: She confuses the enemy with her **** before the mandatory zerg rush
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    How to choose a Headphone

    Another great portable amp is the Fiio E17 Alpen. I use that sexy baby with my DT 770's when I go out biking and it adds some juice to the experience. It also doubles as a DAC if you're on a budget.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    Hey guys i have the 250, can I still be part of the party?
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    The BEST-LOOKING Headphones

    I might be kicking a dead horse here, but I always had a man-crush on the HD-800. Soooooo sexy 
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    Best Closed Headphones under $150 (preferably on

    When I worked at London Drugs (department store) we had a pair of SRH 840's out for demo, and to my surprise, they handled everything I threw at them very well. Although the soundstage wasn't the best on the planet, they are precise and are rather neutral.
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    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

    Every time I walk into my local audio shop I always drool over the finish they have. Makes me wonder why they don't pull the same thing on the higher-end side as well...
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    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    I bought a $20 pair of cans for gaming once a few years back before I got into the audiophile thing. I went back to them recently and had the compulsion to make them violently explode.
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    Sub $300 : Full Sized Can

    Quote: +1 for the 900's
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    Absolute greatest soundstage and imaging for competitive gaming under $350?

    I have a pair of DT770 pro 80's, and they actually work surprisingly well. Sure they are closed, but their soundstage is only one beat short of the DT880 and they have incredible bass. If you intend to use these with a soundcard for the surround, then its cool since they are easy to drive (80...
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    Soundstage and the WA3

    Hey guys, so my WA3 arrived just a few days ago and I have a few questions that I think you guys could answer for me. I've been burning the amp in for about 25 hours so far, and I have noticed differences in tone, warmness, and bass response. However, the one thing that has been absent the...
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