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    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium ? how to tell which model

    apparently the 600 ohm version has 600 ohm stamped on the end of the jack.   so that rules the 600 ohm out   my amp is not powering these very well, so I don't think its 32ohm, must be 250 Ohm     edit : its a good job I still have my asus essence ST installed, just plugged them in and...
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    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium ? how to tell which model

      lol   nothing is there   its abit stupid having different ohms then having nothing to differentiate between them unless you test them via multi meter etc   :(   they dont sound that amazing so im guessing its not 32ohm
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    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium ? how to tell which model

    ok guys I bought a second-hand pair of DT990s they are in new condition..   but the retailer did not state which ohm version they are   how do I tell? is there anything behind the earpads that would indicate or would I have to test them?   im currently using them with a meridian explorer
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    Meridian Director DAC: Anyone here own one?

    any of you guys using a motherboard with Truevolt technology?   could be a good money saver, haven't used a dedicated power supply so can't really say but this looks promising
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    Despite your long reply i still think sony is going about this the wrong way, trying to compete with apple what are they thinking(yes the sony may have better SQ but overall it loses)as always try to compete or stay in the times without real ground wont go far, what sony needs to do is make a...
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    To Be honest i think sony have failed again.... When will they understand not to keep using us as test dumbies for their lame mp3 players this time its got android ... Their doing it all wrong. This wont sell good and will be discontinued before we know it.They need to understand the market...
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    Sony NWZ-A865 Release Date?

    just ordered one from hopfully it matches the x on sound quality or betters it!
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    What's the best sounding DAP on the market ????

    well the best dap I ever had was the sony x series, best ive heard
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    mac route or pc route for good quality sound output via headphones/speakers

    like times with wasapi on it wont even sound loud enough, not even close, then i take it off and it sounds better, also the problem with playing other videos/music outside of foobar
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    headphone amp or dac?

    Im currently using my essence st for a headphone amp, but soon I will be using a imac so all my pc gear will be sold.. I would like to use fidelia as my music player in os x, what would you suggest to connect to the imac for better SQ , dac or amp not sure! will be using hd 600 and k701s - thanks
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    Apple iMac for audio on a computer? how good is it?

    I am currently using a custom bult pc with Windows 7 64bit & a Asus essence ST soundcard with my sennheiser hd 600s, and using FLAC files with foobar + WASAPI.. if I went to get an imac what route would I need to get, equal or better sound experience? (Have the imac downstairs unpacked ready to...
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    headphone amp confusion?

    do you think it would be a good upgrade? id be using the essence st > matrix > hd 600s?
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    headphone amp confusion?

    currently using sennheiser hd 600 with asus essence st, but lately but wondering if I should get a Matrix M-Stage or Aune.. just confused though if I bought one of those.. what do I connect it to? I connect the headphones to the amp then the amp to what? my computer via essence st or? the back...
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    Asus essence ST + HD 600

    Sound amazing, just wondering.. I got the amplifier on high gain 64-300ohm, would it be better sounding at at Extra High gain 300ohm-600ohm? what do you guys use on your hd 600s and 650s?
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    monster turbine earphones