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    Sennheiser open to selling their consumer audio branch

    Well, of course I saw your post after I posted mine. If mods want to delete mine that'd be fine. Personally, I'm pretty bummed as well. I consider their run of quality and innovation to be the most impressive of this little industry. Do products like the orpheus get made by companies with...
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    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Hello everybody! I believe my buddy PITTM made that glorious 'shop long ago, when the internet was new and I was but a young fart. I've been doing a lot of lurking and listening over the last decade since my last post; I recently got a pair of Sundaras and they are as good as everyone says...
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    Kobe Bryant: to leave or not to leave

    I'm pretty sure he realizes that if he were traded it would be to a worse team than the lakers, and that his only hope is that LA starts making good moves, he's just trying to shake things up a bit because the end of his career is in sight. One team that could possibly make a trade for him...
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    Help me buy my first computer

    I got a black c2d macbook with 2gbs of ram in november. Major factors for me were ability to run OSX and windows, optical out, DVI out (many budget laptops had only VGA still, maybe that has changed), design, and price. I think apple laptops are actually pretty moderately priced, especially if...
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    New MacBook Pro with Core Duo 2

    Quote: Originally Posted by bpm2000 I'm still sitting tight for updated regular macbooks - heres to next week! Seconded. Looks like my friend may be able to hook me up with an employee discount... so as soon as these are out I'm getting one. Hopefully they will also get more...
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    Germanium transistor amp

    I haven't heard of these mic pre's you're talking about but basically germanium does NOT sound "clean" - the point of an headphone amplifier is to output the signal coming in modifying ONLY the amplitude. Mic pre's and fuzzboxes have clearly different purposes; they are often chosen specifically...
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    For folks who have dealt with broken ipods...

    The icon isn't listed on that page, its the second one here. The battery with an exclamation point. That makes me think it could still be just the battery and that the noise may just be an underpowered drive trying to spin up. I left it plugged into my USB-wall charger overnight though so I...
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    For folks who have dealt with broken ipods...

    No, this has nothing to do with iTunes or diagnostic mode. The ipod wont even start up let alone go into diag mode. Also its not my ipod. Basically I was wondering if someone could tell whether its a battery problem or a HD problem based on what I've observed from the ipod. If there's...
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    I hear Seiko's are pretty reliable; never had one myself. Right now I'm rockin a pretty old citizen automatic but I think I'm about to pull the trigger on this bad boy. What do you guys think?
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    ksc75 for 6.99 on amazon

    Actually that's a really, really, good deal. I paid about twice that much about a month ago. Maybe the best price/performance ratio in history. 6.99!?! (I went through the head-fi link... not sure if it preserves that in URL).
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    Paris Hilton's CD

    My favorite part was when she used the word "confidant." Whaddya wanna bet she and most of her fans don't know what that means? You have to admit though, the whole "accidently" releasing a sex video thing was pretty much the greatest PR move of all time. Still, I can't understand who would...
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    Micro DAC / Micro Amp Questions

    1. Yes 2. I believe its called a 5-pin mini-b connector (to USB of course), they're very common for digital cameras and such. 3. Yep, games too. 4. No. It automatically configures the micro dac (or bithead) as the primary sound card.
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    Transferring 8mm film to DVD

    My grandpa has a bunch of 8mm and super 8 film from the 50's and 60's and I'm wondering how I can dub it to a digital format other than handing it over to a photo lab. For one thing, the film is in very good condition and probably doesn't need cleaning; more importantly as a matter of pride I...
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    How to record in stereo with 1212M?

    Actually the 1212m has two balanced TRS inputs (so it is effectively 4 channels). I think if you run stereo into one input you can use just one strip in patchmix. Patchmix can be confusing, it's not all that intuitive, and don't get me started on ASIO recording. Sounds great though...