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    Cheap Headphones for Daughter

    how about an iGrado, painted a girly color ?
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    Best option to integrate JB3 and sub for computer audio--Nuforce Icon?

    I have an Icon and I don't see a sub out. It has stereo miniplug line-level out for sending signal to an external amp though. Since you have a decent sound card, why not use its subwoofer output?
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    Mitsu DP-EC10

    I bought this old Japanese direct-drive 'table for next to nothing. It feels like a brick and looks like it'd be good for an occasional spin of garage sale vinyl finds. Does anyone have a manual or specs for this beast? TIA
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    Cheap Phono Preamp for Turntable? has some cheap phono preamps
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    Y-adaptor: how does it affect impedance?

    using a y-split from the headphone jack, does the adaptor make a series or parallel connection between two sets of cans ? TIA
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    Are there Silver SR325i's

    where can one buy the interconnects? eBay?
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    Are there Silver SR325i's

    looks just like the gold ed., w/o the gold veneer. There is very little chance that an old 325 would be shipped in a 325i box. I will post pic if anyone is still interested.
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