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    Shure SRH440 frankenstein'd/fixed with Sony MDR 7506 headband.

    I was recently inspired by this head fi post from 2015 that modded the headband of the MDR1R onto the SRH440. I decided to dive into ebay for a used SRH440. Been looking for an HD600-like...
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    Back for real this time. Want recommendations for headphones.

    A highly isolating closed back with good soundstage sounds like the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio (Basically a DT770 80ohm with removable coiled cable). However it's definitely V Shaped, not neutral, but the highs aren't really piercing compared to the DT770 32ohm or 250ohm that I heard. The 80ohm...
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    Vintage K141 600ohm modded or K240M?

    Will the Sextetts be able to be driven properly by the Mayflower Objective 2? I hear the DF are the hardest to drive, but metal571's Magni 2 was able to do it. If not, I wonder if there is an easier to drive alternative that you'd recommend. Your video definitely is convincing me of looking for...
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    Vintage K141 600ohm modded or K240M?

    i was just looking for something with better midrange detail and imaging, open back. An upgrade from my M220 (K240S), so I wound up looking at the older 600ohm versions. So the K240M isnt any better than the K240S? Also thanks for the info on the K141. Have you heard them personally? Wonder if...
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    Tried out the DT 770 Pro 32ohm, need suggestions after returning them.

    Hello, I'm new here, but I've been reading around the forums for suggestions for a while. I finally pulled the trigger last week on the DT770 Pro 32ohm. I've heard great things about the DT 770 Pros, and made the mistake of buying the 32ohm without an amplifier assuming that the impedance was...
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