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    iPhones, iTunes and folders

    I'm playing with iExplorer which seems to do the job...
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    iPhones, iTunes and folders

    I can't seem to work out how to see into the folder structure for files on my iPhone. I'm using Neutron and have uploaded some files in folders, which Neutron can navigate. Let's say I have a folder structure like this: Artist --->Album 1 --->Album 2 iTunes is quite happy to let me drag the...
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    Campfire Audio Vega (and Dorado and Lyra II) - Head-Fi TV

    Very useful posts for me, thanks both of you.   So I've used the Comply T400 OK on the Vega, so does that imply 4 mm and therefore CP100 is OK?   I know this is head-fi, but I'm hoping not to amass a huge pile of IEMs :)  I've managed to keep one at the time on the go for the last 20 or so...
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    Campfire Audio Vega (and Dorado and Lyra II) - Head-Fi TV

    Does anyone know whether Spinfit CP100 fits this IEM?  How can I know which tips will fit generally?   First non-custom IEM for me ever, after Elacin then Ultimate Ears UE10Pro then ACS T1 customs.  I'm finding them very comfortable.
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    ACS T1 Custom Review and impressions thread!

    Quote: This is definitely my experience.  Also, I have to say that after a few days with the T1s now, I am really enjoying them.   My ears are often itchy, even without putting headphones in.  In the past, when I used regular bud-style walkman headphones, I would find that they really...
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    SR71 burn-in time

    Anyone? I guess SR71 isn't FOTM any more
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    Are there any Brits here? Where do you get your amps from?

    I'm in the UK. Just got an SR-71 from TTVJ. Ordered Thursday, delivered Monday, no customs charge. The dollar rate is kind to us at the moment.
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    Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough

    I've never heard anything that made my headphones explode like this track. Just needed to share...
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    Just Got My UE5c's!

    Is it possible that Lindrone has had fit issues with his UE10s? I wonder if he's actually heard the earphones at their best.
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    Just Got My UE5c's!

    Quote: Originally Posted by lindrone So if they made hard acrylic in the same shape, it would just be the same type of feel in my ear during insertion anyway. No, your assumption doesn't match my experience at all (I switched from full soft to regular acrylic). You'll see when you...
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    Source Importance for IEMs?

    My soundcard is significantly better than my DAP (RME HDSP 9632 vs iRiver iHP140). On most of my headphones, I really hear a difference. With the UE10Pro, I struggle to tell the difference between the soundcard and the DAP. I've drawn the conclusion that the UE10 is very unfussy about source.
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    A little story and some new info on custom iem's...

    Quote: Originally Posted by toaster22 as a matter of fact, the ue-10 pros are MORE efficient than the sensaphonics To be clear I was talking about the fact that due to their low impedance they require pretty large currents, which supposedly not all amps can produce.
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    Used CDs online?

    IMHO is the best place to buy used CDs.