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    B&O H9 Discussion and Impressions thread

    That's a bummer man, that was my issue with the first gen, was hoping this would be comfortable enough to get the job done on 6 hour flights. Selling my 1st Gen QC35 and JBL Project Rocks so I can fund something wireless with a decent SQ. As much as I love some of the higher end things I've...
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    B&O H8 Gray Hazel

    Selling a (almost) brand new B&O H8 in the gray hazel color. I bought these new about a week ago and did some listening at home with them for a few days and as amazing as they are the on-ear fit is just not for me. They are in perfect like new condition, flawless. Will ship free CONUS.
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    Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 (Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones)

        What were your complaints? I liked the comfort and SQ of the H6 and although I do like my M2's I am having some comfort issues with the top of my right ear resting on the driver and causing issues for any enjoyment past the 2 hour mark. Looking for other options and not a fan of the...
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    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and Wireless!

    Finally scored a pair from Amazon about a week ago and wanted to chime in. First off the issues I've read with Apple product connectivity has not been present in my experience with these over the past 5+ days. I live in a fairly rural area so didn't want to say much else until I had a chance to...
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    Audio-Technica W1000x

    Selling my beloved Audio-Technica W1000x. I am listing these very low due to a few cosmetic deficiencies but will say up front they function and sound absolutely flawless! I am the second owner and evidently the initial owner did not baby these the way I do my headphones. Here are the flaws I...
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    WTB: AT W1000x

    If you have a pair in like new condition please PM me.
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    IC: Shure SRH-940 with 1540 alcantara pads

    SOLD! Checking interest on some Shure 940's that come with all the original accessories, case, box, unused original pads x2, and the 1540 alcantara pads which i prefer as they slightly elevate the low end as well as add a bit of warmth to the top end. There is a small scuff on the plastic hinge...
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    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

    Well after spending time with the 1350's, hp50's, and P7 I've gone back to the SRH 940's however I've put the 1540 alcantara pads on the which has added some more weight in the low end and a bit more body on the top making them very very enjoyable. Not ideal for portability and I will likely...
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    DAC/Amp for use with USB OTG?

    I have a FiiO E17 that has been pretty decent for this purpose using with a OTG cable and Galaxy S4 but the headphone jack on it is having problems after it fell out and I had to glue it back in so I'm thinking it mught be time for an upgrade. Can anyone recommend something decent in the sub...
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    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

    I picked up the P7 and burned them in overnight. Sounds about like what I remember in the best buy I demoed them in which is a solid, enjoyable sound. The issue I am having with them and may be a cause for a return is the vocals. They just sound too removed for my tastes. I prefer a more front...
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    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

    Additionally the Yamaha HBH-MT220, while potentially less portable than others on the list has had few yet favorable reviews sufficient to elevate my interest and intrigue at a $200ish price point. If someone here has a pair willing to lend our OP it would be well added value to the thread.
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    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

    Thanks! Agreed on the AKG's, not a big fan of the closed cans I've heard from them, vocalist sounds as if they are backstage! I went into Best Buy tonight and listened to the P7's some more as well as some HD380's, K550, K545, PSB, and whichever the on-ear version of the Momentum is called. The...