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    Introducing the Questyle M15 & the brand new Questyle Shop!

    I don't have one currently but am very curious about it. I have seen many promotional pictures but just now a few from users really expressing the size that actually put it into context for me. I thought it was bigger, I'm glad it's not!
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    Introducing the Questyle M15 & the brand new Questyle Shop!

    I really like the case and size of this unit. The pictures don't do it justice on how pocketable this is!
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    Questyle CMA Fifteen — Official Thread

    This is a well written translation and makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking your time. I hadn't noticed the cool status LEDs on the M15 as well - what a sweet little unit!
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    Feedback by 'Voxata' on listing 'Sony WM1A Bundle'

    Awesome guy to deal with. Fast transaction with effective communication.
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Depends on your chain really. Keep in mind I'm using SE with Jot2. The balanced outs to my 2ch blew me away.
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    With Mimby or my BF1 there is no sync issue with spoken word or in games. With BF2 it's desynced in my setup. Same goes when I tried Gustard X16, Topping D90, list goes on over the years. This is only using optical SPDIF, HTPC/USB I've not experienced any latency
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    Feedback by 'Voxata' on listing 'FS : CMA Twelve'

    Great guy to deal with. Quick communication and payment.
  8. FS: Quicksilver Headphone Amp

    For sale is a low usage Quicksilver Audio headphone amp. This amp stood well above the SW51+ it replaced and sounds fantastic. Included are very expensive matched pairs of vintage NOS tubes (60s mullard el84s and 60s amperax 12ax7) as well as two vintage backup sets and the stocks. Roughly $750...
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    Questyle CMA Fifteen — Official Thread

    Good to know thanks. It's all worked flawlessly either way.
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    Questyle CMA Fifteen — Official Thread

    I've noticed this quite a bit with devices coming out that are rather inconvenient in ways that make integration difficult. I've had zero issues on getting things to work together and sound great. I'm curious about the USB C input, being priority and all. Are there any major benefits to using this?
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    Reply to review by 'Voxata' on item 'Questyle CMA Fifteen DAC/Amp'

    Both are really great units, but the Fifteen is definitely a step up - as it should be for the price.
  12. Schiit Modius (Silver)

    Excellent condition Modius with AudioQuest USB cable included. Price includes shipping and PP.
  13. Sony WM1A Bundle

    Selling my beloved DAP to fund a desktop purchase. I love the sound of this DAP but I don't really travel so it's not getting enough use. This WM1A has the Mr.Walkman Midnight firmware (easily reflashed if desired) with low usage. I'm unable to find a blemish on the DAP and battery works as new...
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    New Release & Colorado Tour | X1s GT DAC with headphone amplifier, the 8th gen and the milestone of the classic aune X1 series

    I've posted up my review of the X1s GT! Really excited to see this unit do so well - proves you don't need to give up a 12x8x8 section of your desk to enjoy personal audio.
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    Review by 'Voxata' on item 'Aune X1s GT'

    Aune X1s GT The original Aune X1 was introduced over 11 years ago. Think about that, 11 years! Upon it’s release the X1 quickly became a fan favorite. It provided a strong Dac/Amp combination performance and to this day there are a huge amount of these in circulation. They’ve proven...