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    How do you listen to your music?

    I'd like the input from you fellow Head-Fiers.
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    [Review] Five <$100 Earphones Compared

    Good Review. Should help out some newcomers looking for earphones under $100.
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    Official: Zune HD

    Quote: Originally Posted by clasam Yeah, absolutely agree. Sorry to be stupid, but what separates HD radio from standard radio? The same thing that seperates HDTV from standard TV.
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    Are these olives?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Loser777 I recently got my Turbines, and I'm currently trying out some new tips... my friend has some lower end shures -110s or something and has a few extra tips... Basically I want to know if any of these are worth using... I have some generic grey...
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    Official: Zune HD

    Quote: Originally Posted by swanlee More like 2020, seems NO ONE will EVER make a high capacity, good sounding DAP with an EQ. 800$ goes to the first company that makes a touch device with the same feature set as the ZuneHD with 120-240 GB of storage, and has a full EQ and great...
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    Official: Zune HD

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik It'll be interesting to see how it stacks up to the new Touch, which we'll probably see on June 8. Still, not a bad looking piece of hardware. Too bad it doesn't work easily with OS X or Linux. Because that's like 5% of the Computer...
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    What does "pink noise" or "white noise" do to your headphones?

    It loosens up the diaphragms inside the headphones. This is called "burning in". When a headphone is fully burned in then it will give it's best sound. Usually burn in's take up to 600 hours.
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    Official: Zune HD

    I'm buying this!!!!
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    What is sound quality, really?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mambo5 I think sound quality is in the ear of the beholder. But mainly I think it really just comes down to personal taste. No two sets of ears are alike. Something that would sound absolutely horrible to one person could sound like pure sonic bliss...
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    Best home amplifier under $3,000?

    Can you guys please recommend me some of the top amplifiers under $3,000? Thanks...
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    Is that true closed-type earphones cannot get good sound field?

    Open design headphones have a more expansive sound stage at the expense of noise isolation.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by dweaver My ear canal is quite offset from my out ear opening so I ended up using the largest tips and plugged my out ear opening versus the actual ear canal and then angled the tips to point towards my ear canal. This gives me the best sound and comfort plus...
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    User experience of Shure products especially the SE 115 please

    Quote: Originally Posted by miko I am planning to buy the SE115 mainly for sound isolation. Can you share your experience please? I have a few other questions: 1. Do all Shure sound isolation earphones have the same sound isolation capability? If not, which is the best? They all...
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    The Best IEM

    The sexiest earphones ever: