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    looking for portable closed headphones

    For portable pair that u're looking to lug around i'd suggest a pair of diy molded ear buds with a pair of ear buds of ur choice.  
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    DIY molded earphones review.

    Last year i saw a kid wear a pair at the gym.  Yup i was a bit confused at the headphones since they looked a bit goofy.    Since then i looked up how to make a pair and soon after i was rockin' my own pair of molded earphones.   I've gotten lots of confused faces asking why am i wearing...
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    Turtle Beach Z6 mods.

    Howdy folks, a while a go i bought a set of the z6 TB headphones.  Saw tons of comments that say they arent durable but i'm pretty handy so i went through and bought a pair.   Upon first use i saw the problems people were talking about.  I waited about a month in case i needed to return them...
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