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    Is the Logitech/UE warranty global?

    Yea, they're off the Amazon deal, receipt and all. Cheers, that helps
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    Is the Logitech/UE warranty global?

    Has anyone tried getting warranty service outside the US? Planning on taking my triple fi's back to Australia, slightly worried on whether I can (in the slight chance something happens) warranty service on these there. I can send them back to the US but I'd rather not deal with that whole mess.
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    Klipsch X5 cabling issues =(

    From Warranty - Headphones Quote: Warranty Outside the U.S. and Canada The Warranty on this product if it is sold to a consumer outside of the United States and Canada shall comply with applicable law. To obtain any applicable warranty service, please contact the dealer from which you...
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    Strange Problem with Etymotic Hf2

    Are you using it through a case perhaps?
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    Etymotic ER-4S without amp?

    They definitely sound fine unamped. That plus the fact that the E5 is a solid enough amp till you decide on upgrading (it has good synergy with the er4 IMO) should be reason enough. Pull the plug!
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    Where to from here, long story, disappointing marshmallows...

    Quote: Originally Posted by aconteceu Sounds like you need to use an IEM with foam tips, not rubber. The marshmallows are foam tipped
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    Where to from here, long story, disappointing marshmallows...

    Bassy IEMs under $70? Hm, I really don't know to be honest, I usually tend towards the other side of the spectrum. Perhaps the Sennheiser CX300? I'm sure there are better options out there, but till someone who knows a bit more chips in those are the second most bassy buds (after the JVCs)...
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    Where to from here, long story, disappointing marshmallows...

    Oh wow, no bass from marshmallows? That's not normal, they're single-handedly the single bassiest 'phones I have.. In any case, it'd help if we knew your budget Oh and welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet!
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    Need Something better than the Apple Earbuds...

    The KSC75s are better than many of the fullsize headphones I've heard. For its price, there isn't a single other 'phone that beats it, not a single one.
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    Another koss ksc75 mod

    Just tried this myself and wow. They fit nicely before but now it's easy enough to forget that they're there at all. Thanks for the mod Oh and I used a slightly heated handsaw, worked beautifully leaving a smooth cut with no need for sandpapering!
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    Possibly fake PortaPro (Help me!)

    My 2 year old KSC75s came in that white packaging, don't worry.
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    Etymotic Research Questions?

    The ER-4B are binaural, most likely not what you're looking for. The main difference between the 4P and the 4S is the higher impedance on the S (a 4P can be easier driven out of a portable source), you'd be much better off getting a 4P and simply getting a P-to-S cable for when you need it...
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Wow, and also - YouTube - The fufilment centre (related) Edit: 100th post
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    So I emailed Amazon about my 10th delivery date and apparently its backordered. They adjusted it to an estimated 11th shipping and 14th delivery with a free upgrade to 2 day shipping (I love Amazon!).
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    My Amazon order's a little weird, I bumped it up to standard shipping (from free) and the delivery estimate went from december 22nd to 10th with no estimated ship date. Hm