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    Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

      I find this intriguing. One of the few cases I have seen where the headphones themselves feel vastly out of proportion from the rest of the chain.
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

      Just don't forget to format it to FAT32.       According to my knowledge the AK100 is only a USB DAC (and not, as you might have thought, a USB DAC/AMP). You have to connect an actual additional AMP to the AK100 to make it produce sound.
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    Headamp Pico Power Impressions Thread

      I wanted to ask the same thing. In terms of output power and driving versatility. I would be pairing it with a output impedance modded AK100.   Thanks.
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    Rinko Kawauchi - Illuminance - One of my favourite contemporary photographers. Her images radiate a sense of peace and meditation.
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    A major work by U.S. author Dan Brown. This thriller, like many of his works, follows time-sensitive clue hunt through contemporary Vatican City, involving shadow organisations and historic conspiracies. This is the only book where I found the label 'unputdownable' to be truly accurate. While the h
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    A less well-known work by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. Set in contemporary Tokyo, it follows the protagonist's experiences in a single night, illustrating how nightfall transforms an otherwise bustling metropolitan city into a more surreal image of itself. As common with Murakami it heavily expl
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    Probably the most famous work of Japanese author Haruki Murakami. It can be considered a coming-of-age story, dealing with the love, friendship, suicide and the different approaches one can take when confronted with death. It contains many of the tropes Murakami is generally known for; dreamy metaph
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    This book, written by Imperial College London professor David Nutt explores, from a purely scientific view, the psychopharmacological and societal implications of drug classification and restriction. This book has an interesting background, as it was (somewhat) conceived as Prof. Nutt's response to
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    Wang Yi Dong - Early Morning
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    Konstantin Rasumov - Elégante Au Collier De Perles
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    Konstantin Razumov - Rêverie d'Eté
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    Konstantin Rasumov - Nu Endormi
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    Experimental Rock Music (Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Grunge, Brit-pop, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Madchester, Ethereal Wave, etc.) Appreciation Thread

    Hey everyone, Not wanting to interrupt the music exchange here. But i would be interested to know whether there are any ATH-R70x users among us. How do they play with post-rock, shoegaze-genres? I have heard them before, I just would be interested in some alternate opinions. Also while I am...
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    What book are you reading right now?

    Today, I would like to contribute a book, which is very close to my heart and has (intellectually and practically) changed my life in many ways:     This book, written by Imperial College London professor David Nutt, explores from a purely scientific view the psychopharmacological and...
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    Noise, Reverb & Dissonance [Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Post Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient & more]

      Thanks for dropping by.   I completely agree with you. Like books and movies, certain genres of music also have times of year where they seem more 'inviting' than others. (in some parts of the globe more than others).   I also feel, although the genres have obviously never died, they are...