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    Earbuds Round-Up

    Wish I could use MK2...But the size of the buds are too large for my ears. I prefer something that has the PK1 shell or Rose Mojito. Will have to try Monk Lite since I heard they are ergonomic for small ears also.
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    The right driver on my Rose Mojito is broken. Would anyone here be willing to sell me their right driver if they have a spare? Long shot, but thought I'd ask.
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    Ah, sounds good. I'll let you know if they don't reply. And any reccomendations on Docomo-PK style driver earbuds?
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    Hey everyone. Back here after almost 2 years hiatus. I have sold everything and kept the AstellnKern AK70 as my source (love it), and Shozy Cygnus as well as Rose Mojito as my earbuds. Sold everything else including my HD600s and my tube amp, as I was just not using them enough. Unfortunately...
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    FS: Garage1217 Project Starlight tube amp with 2 tubes

    Selling this lightly used Garage1217 Project Starlight tube amp with 2 tubes (RCA Clear-Top 12AU7 and Telefunken 12AT7). It's a great amp and provides the warm sound of tubes (unreplicable by synth amps). Tube also lights up. Headphones and DAC not included. I originally bought this from...
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    FS: Sennheiser HD600 open-back dynamic headphones [Canada]

    Come with cable and original box. Lightly used. Only looking for Canada sales for now. May ship to America but shipping will be extra. Selling for $275 CAD ($204 USD). Would prefer to sell in the GTA area face-to-face. Otherwise will ship for an additional $15 CAD.
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    WTS: Sony MDR-CD900ST headphones

    Price reduction: 130 USD