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    Fake Ultrasones on eBay?

    Quote: Thats a good point. 
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    Fiio E7, Sennheiser HD-25: a good combination??

    The HD25's are easy to drive, the Fiio E7 would make a good problem. 
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    Most boring movie of ALL TIME

    Imo "Remember me" by Robert Pattinson. I wouldn't remember it, 
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    Hi all

    Quote: No money left. 
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    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Down" - 311  
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    need help with dre beats solo please

    Call Dr dre.    But seriously, why not buy a new pair? 
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    ATH-W1000X Help for new amp

    I'd go for the Burson if you need a versatile amp, with driving power. It brings out the best of the ATH series.  Haven't used the models mentioned, i cant comment. 
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    New Sennheiser 650's and amp questions.

    An used Headroom Micro could be another choice, if you're on a tight budget. 
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    Which headphones should i get?

    Iems = Extreme isolation   We all agree on this. 
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    SRH440 with SRH840 replacement pads: Any difference other than comfort?

    Using 840 pads soundstage improves, and you have better isolation. Thats why i noticed.   If you're looking for bass, i think the M50's is a good way to go.  
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    your favorite musical genre?

    Quote: A list of bands here.    I can recommend Nightwish..they are a Symphonic power metal band.   
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    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Everybody (backstreet back)" - Backstreet boys
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    The Worst Singer Ever?

    Quote:   wow...definitely. She is terrible.
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    The first thing you do when you wake up?

    Turn on my notebook, and read music news. 
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    What should I upgrade

    The 600 ohm version with the STX? they are not being driven properly. To the op, you can check the F/s forum, there are nice deals on amps on the $400 range.