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    Sony 1000x mark ii - huzzah!

    Is this really that good?
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    Sony Wm-1000xm2 frustration vs Custom One Pro

    Sony Mdr-A1 sounds very well. I was expecting 1000xm2 to be much better. But in reality, worse.
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    Sony Wm-1000xm2 frustration vs Custom One Pro

    I am using Cowon Plenue D, which sounds amazing for the price, and i have Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. But i wanted to use spotify also, since new phones don't have headphone output, it uses usb-c > 3.5mm adaptor, which is really junk. So i though i would get a bluetooth headset. I bought Sony...
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    Which is the best headphone you have (or have tried) in terms of price/quality ratio?

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. For about 150$ this sounds better than Bose QC 35ii and Sony Wm-1000xm2. Also Creative Aurvana Live was amazing, before it failed.
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    Cowon Plenue D

    I just received my Plenue D. I will make a review soon. Even though UI looks nice, it lacks some features.   - Is there any queue option? It is very important for me, since i was using poweramp software. Or how can i add single file, without changing now playing?   - How can you change...
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    Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

    I'm thinking of buying Cowon Plenue D. With eq, i think sound will be close to Cayin i5?   Cowon Plenue D is 200$, Cayin i5 is 470$. Except being able to stream music, does Cayin have that much sound quality difference?   Also i guess Plenue D is on discount now. Normally it was 300$. If it...
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    Cowon Plenue D

        I have Creative Zen X-Fi 2. But when i compare the sound with oneplus one, it lacks detail. Will there be a big difference with Cowon?
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    Cowon Plenue D

    I really wonder how plenue d sounds, but i'm ordering now :)   I don't see any player coming, for that price for that quality.
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    Creative Sound Blaster new series Z, Zx & ZxR

    I have Creative Xtreme Audio. It doesn't have an x-fi processor but it sounds ok. I use digital output->yamaha htr-6130 amplifier->harman kardon hkts/7 sub speakers+pioneer cs-777 hi-fi speakers.   I need better clarity and warmer sound for music. Movies are fine but dolby digital live would...
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    Cowon Plenue D

      Well, today i went to Sony store and tried A15 and ZX2. I couldn't believe my ears, Oneplus one+poweramp software easily beats Sony A15. I was thinking ZX2 would be much better, yes it was a bit better than A15, but i can easily say that my Custom One Pro's sound much warmer, larger...
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    Cowon Plenue D

    I have a Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro+Oneplus One+Poweramp. If i get this player, will it really make a difference in 320kbs mp3s? I don't have flacs or high res audio.   I can also get Sony A15 for a good price. And amazon prices ares up again. I can buy Sony A15 100$ cheaper. Should i get...
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