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    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    I just read this on Jalopnik, funny story :)
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Sounds like one hell of a project!
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    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    That's cute. Give them to me!
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    Sennheiser Momentum In-Ears Review by mark2410

    Well it's only been about a month, I wouldn't expect a company to custom-make an entirely new product in less than that time.
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    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    I feel like I need to add something to what I said earlier. When you're on the go or if there is any other noise in the area, then lots of things get washed out. Low bass is the most noticable loss of sound, so things like bass drum kicks or something like the bass line in a rap or dubstep song...
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    MEElectronics M6 Review

    Well your regional pricing must be different than mine. Here's what I am seeing.
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    MEElectronics M6 Review

    Great review! and I sort of skimmed through the 30-something pages of the thread, but I am now convinced to buy these!!!! 
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    Audeze EL-8: The EL-8 is a must-hear at CES 2015

    Im surprised no one has said it yet, but here is the quote from the email.   Audeze just sent out this email to their subscribers.
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    Three Word Story

    with the smell
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    New USB cable for my DAC?

    Wow. I was not expecting cables this expensive. I mean they look amazing quality, but now that I really think about it, it's just 1's and 0's, and the cable either works or it doesn't. I honestly can't tell if you are serious or not, but thanks for showing me how expensive a cable can be. xD  ...
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    FiiO E10K or Asus Essence STX?

    I was just going to say this! xD   But my biggest point on this topic is that with the soundcard, you might have to deal with internal electric interference. With a totally external DAC and amp, you will not have to worry about any interference.  The E10K has a more powerful output and can...
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    New USB cable for my DAC?

    Hey guys, I'd like to make a short and simple post here, concerning my new FiiO E10K DAC and amp.   The included cable with the E10k is not long enough to reach the optimal place on my desk, so i have to temporarily keep it close to my PC until I get a longer cable. So my question is where I...
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    FiiO E11K &A3 Portable Amplifier Info/News Thread (Early Impressions)

     First question, are you listening from your PC?
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    Post your computer specs!~

    OH S&^%   yeah lol I forgot a few :)   I was in class and dozing off, I didn't really go over every site - there are tons others. Thanks man for reminding me to say this :)
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Okay, well if we're offering PC building advise, I would strongly advise going on over to PC-dedicated sites.   The people over at Tom's Hardware tend to be the most credible, and...