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    iPod 5.5gen

    Why not go to a pawnshop to listen to the different generations with as much knowledge as you can mister beforehand. The 5.5 was and is the ENHANCED which also became the U2 model that sold for a premium. You may have to replace things on it like batteries or whatever so there is room for...
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    Upgrade to Fiio E10

    Check this out . And I would use the bass boost for games...
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    Where does the iPod 5G rank in 2012?

    The clip+ can sound pretty good with lower impedence hp's ( like 16-32ohms) but i think the Apple Core software and dac of the Ipod would trump the Clip+. I don't think apple would make to many mistakes. The 5th generation is supposedly the best sounding ipod. There has also got to be a reason...
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    YOUR Top 10 Albums

    Have to add two more...sorry forgot them.   Roger Waters - The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking (god bless you crazy bastard  PINK)  Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat
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    How to rip 24/96 using dbpoweramp?

    Sample Rate Conversion would improve a CD with todays harware very capable of doing would benefit from 64 bit windows 7....Sony Sound Forge Pro, r8tbrain do it now but you have to pay. Look at a article in "The Absolute Sound" magazine, they did a 4 part survey from Dec 2011 to March...
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    Musically smooth and forgiving nearfield monitor speakers, do they exist?

    Totem Dreamcatchers w/ an Hrt DAC, Little Dot MK III Preamp, Vitue Audio.TWO's and a HSU sub
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    epic songs

    I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT...WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING Air - La Femme D'argent Thunderball - Domino Starship - Before I Go, Count On Me Oleta Adams - Rhythem Of life Tears for Fears - Women In Chains, Pale Shelter Mauxam - Ulezak Hibernation - Embers Led Zeppelin - Four...
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    epic songs

    I suppose I put in the Wrong place again. Sorry tring to do 10 things at once.
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    epic songs

    Alna Myles - Song Instead of a Kiss. James - Don't Wait That Long, Ja Ho, Come Home Leonard J. Paul - Corporation Soundtrack - Main Theme, Audiomobile Robert Palmer - Johnny And Mary Robert Cray - Night Patrol The Police - Invisible Sun, Spirits In The Material World Split Enz - I...
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    epic songs

    The Moody Blues - Painted Smile / Relective Smile / Veteran Cosmic Rocker ( YOU HAVE TO PLAY THEM IN THIS ORDER ) Radiohead - Paranoid Android Pink Floyd - Echos Jon And Vangelis - Friends of Mr.Cairo Bob Dylan - Hurricane   They MIGHT have been listed already but I thought i'd...
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    epic songs

    The Shins - New Slang The Pixies - Bird Dream of the Olympus mons, Ed is Dead, Brick is Red, Vamos, Carbou, Number 13 baby, Wave of Mutilation, Holiday song, Debaser Giogio Moroder - Chase Great Big Sea - Rant and Roar Bill Withers - Lovely Day, Use Me, Ain't No Sunshine, Grandma's...
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    epic songs

    5 Men Electrical Band    I'm A stranger here The Stampeders -Running Wild Terry Jacks - Concrete Sea The Poppy Family - Where Evil Groes The Beatles - Something, Blackbird, Here Comes The Sun Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up April Wine - Say Hello The Headpins - Breaking Down The...
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    The Song

    Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place Chilliwack - I Believe, Secret Information TalkTalk - Happiness Is Easy, I Believe In You, Desire, Heartless Bastards - Sway Eddie Bricknell and The Bohemians - Circle Parachute Club - Innuendo Moody Blues - Had To Fall In Love, The Voice, The...