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    Darkest Desires Part V

    Man, I really want to get into all of these bands in all of these threads, but have absolutely NO CLUE at all where to start.. If somebody could organize or seperate these bands into categories, Ill hand-bake you a cookie and fly to deliver it to your house!!
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    Headphones around $50

    Open: Grado SR-60 Closed: AKG K81DJ
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    Rock / Heavy Metal Suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by skudmunky Add in some Iron Maiden and try some Dream Theater or Symphony X while your at it. I'm trying some Queensryche right now, and it's good stuff also. Great suggestions.
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    question for all the Creed haters (and I know there are lots of you..)

    Bah, I am Christian myself, a diehard one at that. But Creed's lyrics never seemed to appeal me at all, they were in fact pretty shallow in light of any Christian rock band. They are trying to send a religious message to their listeners, yet for some reason, either they are too ashamed to be...
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    Wow, I really like IEM's!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kin0kin but I prefer the ksc75 to many more expensive iems, which makes me decide not to invest too much on a pair of iem. Could not agree more, KCS-75 FTW!
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    The so called 650 veil is GONE!

    Nice rack you got there chief.
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    If you don't own Dream Theater's "Awake", do yourself a favor and go buy it now.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Eisenhower He and Petrucci are supremely overrated. They may be overrated, but they are still good.
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    Ever had one of those days?

    Quote: Originally Posted by archosman Count your blessings... I had to have a tube put in my ear last week. Couldn't get the fluid behind my eardrum to drain out so there was no other choice. I can hear in stereo again... but it's kind of a lop-sided-phase cancellation sound. All...
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    If you don't own Dream Theater's "Awake", do yourself a favor and go buy it now.

    Dream Theater is a really good prog metal band, excellent talent, but IMO Symphony X demolishes them and is the king of prog metal, the raw distortion, whole-tone scales, everything about them IMO triumphs. I gotta say though that the drummers are both insane, I can't compare them..
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    What are the differences between the Beyerdynamic DT770 and Alessandro MS-1?

    Quote: Originally Posted by iancraig10 DT770's kick ass with a boot and MS1 just tickle your privates with a feather. Ian Never heard that one before Any other suggestions?
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    open can over IEM

    Shizoid sound stage, eh? I've tried this with Creative EP-630, pretty different, kinda cool experiment.
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    koss ksc/35, usa vs china made

    KCS-75's are made in China too?
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    Headphones to keep the noise contained

    What angler said. IEM's are great for keeping music isolated, as well as closed headphones. What price range are you in, maybe we can help you choose the right one?
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    Am I the only one that loves how Westone IEM's are so inconspicuous?

    Meh, sure they're inconspicuous, but I don't really care all that much about it.
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    Have you startd thinking everything in terms of headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh The worst dilemmas come when you have the money to spend and cant decide exactly what to spend it on. By all rights I should make a digital source upgrade my first priority, but theres a pair of floorstanding speakers I really want, and another...