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    free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400

    Count me in, I already have RE-262 and RE-272 and love them both
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    October would suit me too
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    Buying in Ireland

    Whilst it may not feel right most shops here do a $ to € equivalency so we end up paying a lot more for cans.   A pair of $200 HD-25 II will cost us in the range of $250-$261 online, and in shops up to $377 - so as far as I'm concerned until they get real they won't be getting my custom.
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    Sennheiser Precision HD580 full size phones - UK

    How old are they?   Do you have Pics?
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    Klipsch Image X10

    I have a pair of Klipsch Image X10's that I am looking to trade for any of the following   IEM's Earsonics SM3 Earsonics SM2 Westone UM3X - with removeable cable Westone UM2 - with removeable cable Westone 3 Westone 2 ATH CK-10 ATH-CK100 Hifi-Man RE-272 Shure SE-425  ...
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    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

      I have quarter-modded the MS1i and hope to replace the cable at so point as it is too long for portable use.   I noticed a large jump in quality going from a Fiio LOD to the handmade silver one so will probably try and do a silver wire recable.   The RE-262's are an excellent...
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    Marko yeah probably will just not this month need to find someone with the cutting skills or a lathe.
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    Just have to say got my allesandro ms1i's today am listening through my mustang and they are truly excellent. Can't wait to get modding them and really make them shine, many thanks bilavideo you made me bite the bullet and get them because of this thread! :-) Am looking forward to woodying...
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    I need 3 songs about black market business (drugs, prostitution, gun dealing, etc.)

    should read Across 110th St - Bobby Womack
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    I need 3 songs about black market business (drugs, prostitution, gun dealing, etc.)

    Pusherman - Curtis Mayfield Across 11th St - Bobby Womack
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    Which earphones are the best for techno/trance music?

    I have klipsch x10s and they are great for this kind of music, great bass and fantastic highs can be a bit muddy in the mids at times but when amped really shine.
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    RE-ZERO with amp or DBA-02s?

    My two cents, I have an e7 and the re-zero's as my main portable phones with klipsch x10s for home use, I have to say I love the re-zeros the speed is incredible as are the mids, I am also getting a pair of re-262's so will post how I get on with these. I have to say the zeros are fantastic...
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    WTB - RE-262 must be able to ship to Ireland

    I am looking for a pair of RE-262 in new-excellent condition am willing to pay $160-180 and will cover shipping to Ireland(must be registered) - should be around another $25-30.   Please PM if interested   Regards,   Sengoku79