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    Sennheiser HD650 New Condition All Original Packaging $300 shipped CONUS

      I bought these about a year and a half ago and they've seen <200hrs of use in that time, and have been stored in the box for most of the past 12 months.  I really like them, but haven't been using headphones at all in the past year or so, and need the money since I just splurged on a Budda...
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    amp popularity check

    Entry Level: 112 Audio-GD Compass (7) Audio-GD Fun (5) Audiotailor Jade (3) AudioTrak imAmp(1) Aune DAC/amp (1) AV123 x-head (1) Bravo Audio (3) C & C XO (1) Corda Headfive (2) Darkvoice 336SE (2) Darkvoice THA332 (1) Decware Zen Head (1) Eddie Current EC/SS (2) Elekit TU-882 (3)...
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    dell mini 5

    well it's a hell of a lot less dumb than the ipad; at least it can fit in a normal pocket.
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    The HiSoundAudio AMP3 PRO1 "Audiophile" MP3 Player: A Pathetic Piece of Garbage

    I always thought the amp3 seemed kind of suspect, and I'm not really surprised the sq matches the aesthetics.
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    just got one of the last cases of Hop Slam IPA in the mail last week - PHENOMENAL! I really wish it was brewed year around. It's made the top of my list of favorite beers along with Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Ruination IPA, and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, and may be my favorite of all atm. It...
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    I love the cold weather. You too?

    I love it when people from around Jersey think they know what cold is.
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    Your 2010 musical predictions

    In 2010 y'all be wearin' gold diapers!
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    Need Portable FLAC Player Suggestion

    I just spent quite a bit of time going over and over this myself, and decided on the cowon 2+. I like the idea of having the 5 band eq and expandable storage in a player that seamlessly combines on-board and external libraries. From most of what I've read you can get the best sq out of the d2+...
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    Who's your favorite philosopher(s)?

    definitely Theodore Logan
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    currently my 3 favorite mass-produced beers are Stone Ruination IPA, Stone Ignorant Bastard Ale, and Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA... still waiting to try the Double Bastard Ale. Best Pale Ale in a Can Award goes to Dale's Pale Ale, although it might be the ONLY one to exist. It's great for weekend...
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    Rock's Greatest Double Album

    Quote: Originally Posted by colonelkernel8 The Fragile - NIN, but hey, I am biased. NIN is rock?? Even if it was, uhhh... well, nevermind.... Out of the list here I will definitely have to go with The Wall, and since I can't immediately come up with a worthy "other" I think...
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    Beatles versus Pink Floyd.....which of these FIVE albums means more to you

    the question might as well be "which band do you like better?", since I think that's all it comes down to for everyone in the end. They are both so completely different that I think it's easy for most to pick one, although I'm having a difficult time deciding.
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    What's your favorite track of each album?

    this is craziness, but to each his own. Steve Vai always puts what he thinks is his best composition on track 7, thus the Steve Vai album "The Seventh Song". If you like any other songs better on his albums then you're wrong.
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    What Do You Regret Not Doing/Doing In College?

    wasting my time in a relationship when I could've banged half the girls at school
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    Greatest ability to sound life-like with the proper equipment, 701 or 650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kool bubba ice The K1000 is colored?? Everything is colored.