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    "Minutes to Midnight" most disappointing album release in years?

    1 min of Given Up made me want to throw up. Ahh but the lyrics to Valentine's Day crack me up: I never knew what it was like To be alone On a valentines day (x4) I never really liked any of their previous albums to begin with, but this is pretty ******.
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    Year Zero: Whos got it?

    I also got this the day it came out w/a BYIT shirt. I loved the whole alternate reality game that went around the album. It's pretty fun connecting certain songs to the "characters" or whatever.
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    I'm sick of winter!!! (summer appreciation thread)

    Getting weird here in NYC. Sometimes it feels like spring, sometimes like winter (but not too cold). I blame global warming.
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    This is soooooo cool !!! (video)

    Hardcore dancing? Looks like it.
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    Critical vs. discerning ears...

    I'm pretty happy w/my grado SR-60 thank you very much. :P
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    Great Forums

    Yeah I have to say this is one of the nicest forums I have been too. I do go to others one for gaming(lesser known).
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    I hate fast food chains, but I do like Wendy's for their chilis. My fav "fast food" place is chickpeas. I love shwarmas. :3
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    Favorite French Fries

    Sorry nothing can beat the orginal Belgian fries. In NYC they have a cool place call Pommes Frites (fried potatoes), that serve what fries should taste like. I love their variety on diff. dips.
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    interesting movies?

    City of God, 2046 and In the Mood for Love (Wong Kar Wai movies are awesome)
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    Jake Shimabukuro Concert

    I was at a recital at my school, LaGuardia. The piece was Trio in D minor Opus 49, Opus-Molto allegro agitato,by Felix Mendelssohn. What caught my virgin ears was the genius pianist, Jin. I was blown away, I onno but I felt that the music trully moved me like no other piece has.(and I was never...
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    Audiophiles Anonymous

    I hope I don't turn into one when I get older.
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    which headphone gave you your first EARGASM

    Grado SR-60. When I first put them on, I was like :O. Than I got all tingly and warm inside.
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    Where do you buy your DVDs?

    I usually buy my DVDs from any big name music store that's around (ie HMV, Virgin, and Tower Records) or Best Buy.
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    why are computer administrators such tighta**es

    Quote: Originally Posted by GuffMorgan I work for a school district and unless the site is something such as pornography or something else that's obviously blocked, we don't block it on our own. As of late we've blocked both Xanga and MySpace because principals asked us to...
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    Head-Fi Secret Handshake(Or how to find members in public)

    Quote: Originally Posted by grandenigma1 I live my life in fear that I will one day run into one of you nuts... so far I have faired well... I guess the corn fields are good for something. Haha. Same here!! When I was around Macy's, I caught this guy wearing a Grado and I was at...