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    Turtle. turtle.
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    Improving upon what I have

    Bump & I edited the original post
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    Improving What I Have

    (Updated from a previous thread) I am looking for a solid DAC/Amp to use with a MacBook (3,1) and iPod touch. I am currently listening through Grado SR60's at home, when the open design is not an issue. ATH-M50's when out and about/traveling. Right now I am looking at the iBasso D2 Boa...
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    the best lod for ipod

    IceClass, the auction for that cable has long ended. Can you give any more information on it? If it's reasonably priced I may go that way.
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    College Acceptance-Fi

    I won't be getting any letters until around March. I am planning on a Fine Arts major and my top choices don't send letters until everyone has auditioned. Though by applying Early Action i think I have given myself an edge. Also i have some academic guns on my side of this one.
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    Phone Advice

    Looks like the WM OS is really as bad as its reputation leads one to believe. I thought that i would give it the benefit of the doubt, seems as though that was a mistake. I'll be heading to the AT&T store today to see about my contract renewal and upgrading to the Bold. Also, to those...
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    Phone Advice

    Well I narowed it down to either the HTC Fuze or the Blackberry Bold @z50j I believe the HTC Pro is the same as the Fuze. Have you used it?
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    What Apps Do You Use? (OS X)

    I am quite surprised that so many people are using paid applications.
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    What Apps Do You Use? (OS X)

    Quote: Originally Posted by analogbox ... Does anyone know any good converter programs for converting audio files? MAX
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    What Apps Do You Use? (OS X)

    I was curious as to what applications, other than those bundles, Head-Fiers were running on their machines, particularly those who use OS X. You never know when you wil find a gem of an app through another person's list. 1Password - Fantastic password management Adium - Chat across a...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Taylor 110 (Brand New) And it sounds like he can be bargained down off 400 as well. Don't restrict your craigslist search to 300 - start at 400 and look for deals to bargain down. At the 400 range I see Guilds, Larrivees, Martins - all good stuff. At...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Having very little experience with guitars, how do you recommend that I "mess around with the acoustics" :P I am sure that I can quickly learn how to play a series of chords. Is that all I would need to do, or I should I take one of my more guitar-dept friends with me as a testing "slave"
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Well, again - Hello all: As a student and aspiring musician I have taken the task upon myself to expand my musical abilities. I currently sing, performing mostly classical music of the choral and lieder varieties, heading to university to study vocal performance and theatre. Studying music...
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    AT&T Fuze?

    You might be interested in this: HTC FUZE™
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    Shure E2c Replacements

    Reading a lot of reviews I realized the importance of the type of music being listened to with IEMs. I am a very eclectic listener but value most the quality of my classical recordings, the detail. I listen to a good deal of opera and piano, as well as full orchestral pieces. To, possibly...