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    Post your strange fortune cookie "fortune"

    Quote: Originally Posted by ChickenGod Haha. My friend told me a funny joke. She said to add -"in bed" at the end of each sentence . Ha ha. The original idea is from a Upright Citizens Brigade skit, I believe. Pretty funny show.
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    Just picked this up the other day. Here's some shots of other things I have around. There's also a Ruger 10/22, a Kahr K9 (My wife's CCW piece), and half of an AR-15 (with magpul stock, trigger guard, and grip) sitting around.
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    Boston is apparently run by idiots...

    Quote: Originally Posted by RedLeader I just love the "in a post 9/11 world" statement. Can we please stop referring to that day in an attempt to ellicit an emotional response so that people like this can be charged as terrorists? Goodness me, it's bad enough that we use a catchphrase...
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    Desktop Resolution 2007

    (1680x1050) x 2 Dual monitors.
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    "The Office" appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by ls20 the only tv show ive been into in the last 4 years. end of season 1 and beginning of of season 2 are definately my favorites. best episode goes to when michael burns his foot on a foreman grill! Agreed. When dwight wrecked his car on the...
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    Police Officer Dresses In Drag To Catch Red Light Runners

    People in Florida take red-light running to a whole new level. It is so bad that when your light turns green, you have to practically look both ways before proceeding into the intersection. If I were still in South Carolina, I would probably agree that it's kind of a sketchy way to catch...
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    SOHA: worth it? and a few questions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by makasin can i just get any cap that is 0.1uF, 100V, 85C, etc? or does it have to be polypropylene film? is the voltage rating the discharge voltage or the maximum voltage? The only stuff I need now are: LM78L12ACZ IC VOLT REG 12V 100MA TO-92 and the...
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    How much cash is in your wallet?

    exactly one dollar.
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    Millett Hybrid Build Log

    I think you may run into problems with those tube sockets further down the road. The insertion/removal of tubes is going to place stress on the socket and it looks like the only mechanical connection to the board is through solder. If you do a lot of tube rolling, I'd imagine those joints are...
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    My sisters new car...

    Let's see here. 12K for a car that is clearly worth several times more. Escrow service for the money. Buyer is in the UK. Sounds like a scam to me. You know, there's a saying......If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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    SAT Scores!

    1330 back in 1997 (700 math, 630 verbal) and a handful of AP credits
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    SOHA Help needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by FallenAngel From what I know, if I'm looking at the bottom of the tube, pin 1 is on the first pin going clock-wise after the break. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This would also mean that Yen, buddy, you might have that tube socket flipped. I'm...