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    Which solid state amplifier matches an AKG K271 Studio? (~300$)

    I'm looking for a solid state amp to drive my k271s, that's within a 300$ budget. After reading a lot here on head-fi, i found some amps that most of you agree upon, (Gilmore Lite, RSA products, and some tube amps) but their price tag is more than i can chew on. Can you recommend me one...
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    Headphone Buyer's Guide

    You can add the AKG K271s in the 150$-200$ range, closed headphones category. Amp recommended.
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    I need help considering a pair of k271 studio

    Hello everybody, I didn't think i needed a new pair of cans, until i discovered that's all that i can think of: cans and amps! I currently have an AKG K66 (low end), and i am considering buying a pair of k271s because they are closed (it's a requirement), have few rivals in...