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    Amp advice for ATH-W1000X

    You also may want to take a look at the ALO Amphora Amp, I love mine.
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    amp popularity check

      Entry Level: 133 ALO Audio Rx (1) Amity HPA4S Audio-GD Compass (8) Audio-GD Fun (5) Audiotailor Jade (3) AudioTrak imAmp (1) Aune DAC/amp (1) AV123 x-head (1) Bravo Audio (4) Bottlehead Crack (1) Creek OBH-11 (1) C & C XO (1) Corda Headfive (2) Darkvoice 336SE...
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    Amphora Headphone Amp Impressions

    I just received my ALO Amphora #50 today and I must say this Amp is just beautiful, one thing I will say also you can tell the difference between a $250 amp and this beauty.  Ken and Vinnie you guys have done a wonderful job with this Amp.  I just enjoy listening to this Amp with my W1000x. Oh...
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    Got my ES-10s - one problem..

    I ran into that problem once before, but just had to adjust the headphones.
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    Official Audio-gd Sparrow thread

    It could use some Rubber feet.
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    Official Audio-gd Sparrow thread

    Ok just received my Sparrow Version A with the USB, DIR9001 and DA8740 Wolfson upgrade.  Just alittle out of the Box impression; it has more power than the Audinst HUD-MX1 for sure, also good Bass punch, nice wide soundstage and detail while listening to some Alicia Keys.  By the way i'm using...
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    Ultrasone HFI-780 Amp Suggestions?

    Scrivs,  If you head on over to, Mike there is doing tons of comparison between low end and high end DAC's.  I'm sure you would find some guidance there.
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    Review: Audio Technica ATH-W1000X & ATH-ESW10 Japan

    Monsieurguzel,  Very good review, I love listening to these headphones so much I think it is time for me to get a dedicated amp,  just not sure on which.  However I did recently order a Audio-gd Sparrow version A which should arrive any day now. I just like moving around my house alot, so size...
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    Ultrasone HFI-780 Unboxking.

    Scrivs,   The Ultrasone 9 Pads add so much comfort to the HFI-780 it is ridiculous, these pads are so soft.  The only thing is you would have to purchase the Beyerdynamic earpad kit to get the center earpad filter or like Ken from "ALO Audio" stated try a piece of panty hose to cover the exposed...
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    Official Audio-gd Sparrow thread

    I ordered my Sparrow Version A late April and it shipped out on May 7.