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    Where do you get your BeyerDynamic's at?

    LOL, sorry, didn't realize I put everything but the model number. Yes. The DT-1350. Something I bought whim after watching Jude's comparison video to the HD 25 II and wow... no other headphone has cleaned out my collection like this. Sounds so good.   I ended up ordering from Sweetwater...
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    Where do you get your BeyerDynamic's at?

    Just wanted to update here, while I was disappointed in getting a very much used product, paying for new, etc. B&H was very gracious and paid my return shipping. So hopefully this was just a Fluke. Still... other than Sweetwater Sound, which is a place you have to special order from, I don't...
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    Loudness of an IEM, Ohms, etc.

    Quote: Wow! Thank you x100,000 my friend, you rock! I totally know what to look for now.
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    Loudness of an IEM, Ohms, etc.

    I'm writing because I am confused about something. With my full-size headphones, Ohms is pretty straight forward. If I plug in a set that is about 20 ohms like my Beyerdynamic T70p, it will be loud, however if I plug in a set that is 50 ohms like my Senny 380 Pro, I will need to raise the volume...
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    Audio Engine D1 DAC / AMP opinion?

    Hopefully I am posting in the right place. Being powered by USB I figured this would be considered portable? I was wondering if anyone else has used it and how it compares with others in sound quality. To be honest, buying an amp was way way down the road for me. Today, one of my clients, who...
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    FLAC to ALAC, myths and questions

    Just curious here, I've got Jay Z's Gray Album, not something you can buy and just rip sadly, I'm sure your all aware of it. It is in FLAC and I need it ALAC for my iPod and iTunes.   I've got a conversion program, and I did some tests. I can hear no audible difference between the two files...
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    Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. Cancels noise better than anything I've tried. It makes it is safer on your ears, as you'll end up lowering the volume to have your music just as loud! Quiet amazing. These are clean, like new, have never left my home. Comes with...
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    Ipod Touch + FiiO E7 USB DAC = Laptop Quality?

    Yeah, it's a sound blaster X-Fi card, I know it may not agree with some, but I dig it. I just keep seeing pictures of iPod Touches strapped to FiiO's and the really expensive Fostex HP-P1 Amp and DAC... I ask myself, "OK, does this really help the fullness of the sound or do these guys just like...
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    Ipod Touch + FiiO E7 USB DAC = Laptop Quality?

    After going through several sources, I've settled on the Ipod touch. It sounds the closest to plugging right into my laptop. So my question... Will using a portable headphone amp give me the extra bit of "omph" that my laptop gives me? I listen to music at low volumes so it is all about sound...
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    Beyerdynamic DT-880, but closed?

    Quote:   Thanks for your reply and good timing as well. I was glad to read your post because about 2:00am last night I was on amazon and the T70p was on sale for $408! I had to jump on that one. It'll be here wed, so I'll post an update.   As for the Shure and AKG set, I got to try...
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    Shure se535 hiss is killing me, better on theh se215?

    I've been thinking about it. I worry an amp would make the base volume level even higher and I've always got it on 1 or 2 most of the time, plenty loud for me... or am I thinking about this the wrong way?   Also, does USB out to an amp basically bypass the source making it more of a file...
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    Beyerdynamic DT-880, but closed?

    Quote: Which model would that be, my new found graph making friend? :)
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    Beyerdynamic DT-880, but closed?

    Quote: Wow, that is a great review. I am still a n00b myself, although I learn towards Sennheiser and Beyer stuff, I'm happy to check out new things. So far the only thing I owned from Audio Technica was the ATH-M50 and I can see why it is popular, but it wasn't quite reference or neutral...
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    Cowon mp3 players vs Sumsung Galaxy and iPod

    Quote: Nah, I really appreciate it actually. I'm thankful to all who take the time to post. It is a lot like the guitar world. I was using your normal $15 dollar guitar store cable and a friend brought by one from evidence audio and the clarity was amazing. Of course the cables was $100...
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    Reply to review by 'reticon' on item 'Sennheiser HD 518'

    So do these off any sound isolation at all? These would just be for my laptop at home. The only noise I have to deal with is my HVAC which is an ambient noise (new system, big vents) that my HD 380 Pro's and DT-1350's block out nicely. I don't listen to music very loud as you may have suspected...