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    Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

    I just received an email with a ton of details and updates, i thought you guys may appreciate it posted. Dear Customers and Backers, Its time for a Trinity update and this one is pretty packed with info! Master and Icarus III Thank you to all of you that have provided feedback on the...
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    Campfire Audio Vega (and Dorado and Lyra II) - Head-Fi TV

    I decided to jump on the vegas. I couldn't wait any longer on my TA hunters so i put in my return to put credit into these. Coming from my TF10's, im expecting quite a large upgrade. I am super excited.
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    IEM recommendations 250-300?

    I have been away from the audiophile world for a good 5 years thinking once i spent a good 400 dollars on an iem, i wont look back, (sm3,TF10). But today i decided to look around and im just astonished and shocked to see all these 5-7 BA drivers for around or cheaper than what ive spent a half a...
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    TF10's worth it?

    On amazon there is a triple fi pro and then there is the triple fi. Is there a difference? I see people talk about the tf10 pros. Im guessing it was a later model. Is there any differences between the two? 
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    TF10's worth it?

    Are the lune and enyo Null cables worth the extra 70-100 dollars?
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    What are the best eartips for sm3?

    alright thanks guys. Ill just buy a bunch of random tips and see how it works out.
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    What are the best eartips for sm3?

    So i can use other manufactures tips? and they will work fine with the iems?
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    What are the best eartips for sm3?

    i see o.o, i thought they only come with comply tips o.o
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    What are the best eartips for sm3?

    I dont know if this a noob reply, but is there a certain brand/manufacture of the double flange's you use? If so where can i buy it o.o
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