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    Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

    Quick question - Anyone has HD800 S with silver tipped single-end and XLR cable? The stock cables of my HD800 S (sold as new) have silver rather than black plugs, which is a little bit wired... 
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    Review: InEar StageDiver Series

    Ordered from Fed yesterday.    Any other advise for SD3? Thanks.
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    Review: InEar StageDiver Series

    Yes, the sound signature.  I will probably buy this cable. Thank you. 
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    Review: InEar StageDiver Series

    Would you please describe the strength of this cable compared with the original one?
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    Review: InEar StageDiver Series

    I just bought a pair of SD3. However, it seems there is no upgrade cable for SD3 in the market now? Does anyone have recommendation in term of the upgrade cable?
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    Looking for Upgrade from HD650

    It seems you are looking for a keeper. However, I think it is possibility that you will sell it in one year. That is us. 
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    Denon D600 at $270 USD a good deal?

    I don't know those two. As far as I know, GMP435s is on sale now on Amazon. It is a good time to buy one~
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    Looking for a superb full-size headphone with great noise isolation (not NC)

    I think T70 is a good fit. After all it is a serious Headphone. It is made for professionals. 
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    Beyerdynamic T90 Discussion and Support Thread

    The price of T90 in Amazon is quite volatile. Can't figure out when to purchase.  Any advise?
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    HIFIMAN HM-901 Firmware v1.084 Update

    This firmware is prepared for the dock I guess.