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    Asus Essence One Headphone Amp/DAC (CeBIT 2011)

    You want a low impedance at HF, that's why a small value. The idea is to lower the power supply impedance at frequencies where the regulator has a high impedance.  Any time one uses a high slew rate opamp such as the Lm6172 or even the sensitive AD797, HF decoupling directly on the opamp pins is...
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    Problem with Xonar Essence One

    In that case, RMA it, either back to store or ASUS.
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    Problem with Xonar Essence One

    Which input are you using? 
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    Xonar Essense stx Random LOUD high pitched Ringing Noise?

    I reported it to HQ but they have not been able to replicate thus far due to the random nature of the problem.
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    Xonar Essense stx Random LOUD high pitched Ringing Noise?

    The DRAM instability may be due to using two separate kits. Likely need to adjust memory controller voltages and relax memory timings to cure that. Quote:    
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    Could someone give me a technical answer as to why Multiple DACs are better then a single DAC?

      Quote:   Using the DACs in mono mode can in theory provide better channel separation (SNR, crosstalk etc.).    In multi channel systems, you'd need enough DACs to drive each of the channels. Chances are each is being used in mono mode.  
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Quote: Lets hope that does not include more post-test smoothing of the  
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Quote: One would have to know the manufacturing costs of the drivers to assess the validity of that statement. If the graphs that Audeze ship with their cans hold any weight (and god knows they should if Audeze are using them), someone needs to match up drivers a lot better.    I...
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Quote: So true Frank. It looks like the success Audeze enjoyed with the LCD-2 gave them the traction to guarantee a burst of sales with the LCD-3, and it is very possible that adequate investment has not been made in QC. I dare I say there may have been a slip in assurance policies...
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    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote:     Could be a wonky face too :D    
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    disappointed by Sennheiser HD800, need advice

    You can tame the highs of the HD800 a variety of ways. Depends how DIY oriented you are; a few signal path changes (tantalum resistors) will round off the edge definition enough to make most recordings very palatable (you can do this with SS gear too).
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    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote: I know what you mean about deja vu, I got the same feeling when reading your impressions. I guess the LCD-2 have that effect?   Anyone see a pattern here? lol  
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    HD-800 amp discussion

    There is definitely an edginess in the upper registers with the HD800 that becomes irritating over time. I'm going to try a 2w tantalum resistor for cathode bias in my tube stage instead of battery bias and see if that smooths the upper mids out somewhat.    -Raja
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    DIY Sennheiser HD800 balanced cable

    Quote:   Hi wink,   My meter has an offset built in for subtracting out the series resistance of the probes from the measurement (which I already did for the measurements stated above). In hindsight I should have stated my methods in my opening post as it would have saved all the tit...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Hi Peter,   There are actually 3 wires per side (you've got a twisted pair plus a bare shied which you can ground at the XLR end). And yes they are all color coded. It's actually quite a simple operation. If you can solder well, go for mini-XLRs, they are less bulky and latch just...