Jun 8, 2008
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Civil Works Constructor/Engineer, currently running the family's construction firm.

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    Civil Works Constructor/Engineer, currently running the family's construction firm.
    Photography, Audiophilia and most importantly my family life.
    FIA Formula 1, I attend the actual venue races whenever my wallet allows me.
    Headphone Inventory:
    > Audez'e LCD-2 "Lord of all Cans, the Dominus" (s/n 5597856), balanced termination
    > Alessandro-Grado Labs MS-Pro "The Messiah" with liberators and double stacked Grado bowl pads inside modded CDRK pads
    > Denon AH-A100 (100th Anniversary Edition) (s/n 0095901910)
    > Grado HF-2 (s/n 229) (sold)
    > Victor-JVC FX-500 with Shure Olives (decored)
    > CrossRoads Woody One with Comply T400
    > Aiaiai Tracks (with custom wooden buttons)
    > Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 (sold)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    > TTVJ Millett Hybrid Valved Portable HeadAmp (Golden Ears Mod)
    > Ferds Audio Mini³ Headphone Amp (High Gain-High Performance Version)
    > AMB Labs Mini³ Headphone Amp (High Gain-High Performance Version)
    > Meier StepDance Portable HeadAmp w/ Energizer XP8000 Portable Power Pack
    > C&C XO2 Portable HeadAmp (High Output Voltage Edition)
    > iBasso PB1 Toucan Fully-Balanced Portable HeadAmp (sold)
    > Consonance Cyber-30 2A3 Single Ended Triode Pure Class A Integrated HeadAmp (sold)
    > FiiO E7, E5 & E3 Portable HeadAmps
    Source Inventory:
    > MacBook Pro15 via NuForce uDAC D/A Converter
    > 160GB Rockboxed DIY iMod 5.5 gen w/ low profile silver-cabled LOD (HDD upgraded) (all FLAC & ALAC files)
    > 160GB Rockboxed iPod 5.5 gen (modded slim version) (all FLAC & ALAC files)
    > 160GB iPod Classic (all ALAC files) w/ NuForce High Performance LOD
    > 20GB iRiver H120 Rockboxed
    > Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable
    > Oracle Delphi MkIV (modded) Turntable w/ ClearAudio Unify tonearm & Virtuoso "Wood" cartridge
    > Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB Turntable
    > Audio-Technica AT-727 Portable Turntable
    > Shanling SCD-T200 SACD/CD valved output player. (w/ 2 pairs of Westrex 396A or Raytheon/GE/Sylvania/Los Gatos 5670)
    Cable Inventory:
    > Van den Hul "Revelation" (5 awg)
    > Mundorf "Zendo" gold-silver cables (18 awg headphone cable, mini-mini & RCA-mini)
    > Canare StarQuad "Diablo's Blood" (17awg) headphone cable, terminated to balanced connection
    > Cardas StarQuad (20 awg) copper cables
    > DIY silver (30 awg) cables and magnet wires braided in Teflon sleeves
    > DIY silver/copper power cords
    Power-Related Components:
    > Hewlett-Packard 5KVA isolation transformer
    > Z-Line power conditioner
    Other Audio Equipment:
    > Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage (6 ohms, 87 dB, s/n 1014)
    > Sonus Faber Gravis subwoofer (1 10" forward firing driver and 2 10" passive radiators, 300watts)
    > Audio Note (M7) preamp kit (linestage: 2x Telefunken ECC802S; depending on my listening mood, I often tuberoll to other 12AU7 equivalents such as Tung-Sol 5814A/RCA "cleartops" 12AU7/Telefunken "smooth plates" ECC82/Telefunken ECC802S/Amperex "orange globe" 12AU7/JAN-Philips 12AU7/Sylvania 5814A/RCA
    5963 "black plates"/GE 6189 "5 stars"/Trigon ECC82 or
    Mullard 4003 "box plates"; Mullard-Bendix 5852/6X5GT
    > TS Audio KB300 Single-Ended Triode monoblocks (w/ a pair of Sophia "mesh plates" TJ-300B power tubes or VAIC 32B 300B "blue-bottle", Tung-Sol 6SL7 or RCA 5691 as input-driver tubes; Mullard CV378/Raytheon 5R4/RCA 5U4/JAN Sylvania 5U4GT rectifiers; 8 Wpc)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    > Wooden Grado "Liberators"
    > Headphone pads: Bowl pads, Jumbo, Comfies, Senn 414, CDR-King pads (modded)
    > Crocodile/Lambskin headbands
    > Hal-o tube dampers, aluminum cone feet, sorbothane feet, marble slabs, 2" thick New Zealand Pine platforms, DIY bass trap, bookshelves as diffusors, cloth partitions as sonic absorbers etc. etc.
    Music Preferences:
    Everything from Bossa to New Wave, Astrud to Vivaldi, Sinatra to Santana, so on and so forth.
    I collect FIA F1 memorabilias, gears, as well as 1/18th scale F1 models.

    My current photo gear:
    > Canon 5D MkII (primary body), Canon 300D (back-up), Canon G7 (compact back-up), Canon Elan 7e (film)
    > Tokina 12mm-24mm f/4.0
    > Canon 17mm-40mm f/4.0 L
    > Canon 24mm-105mm f/4.0 L IS
    > Canon 100mm-400mm f/3.5-5.6 L IS
    > Canon 50mm f/1.8 MkII
    > Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS Macro
    > Canon 1.4x MkII L Teleconverter
    > Kenko 3.0x Teleconverter
    > Canon 550EX ETTL Flash
    > Canon 580EX ETTL II Flash

    My ultra compact video gear:
    > Sony HDR-TG1 High Def video camera
    I love life, my family and grateful for everything else I'm blessed with.


    Music -> Ears -> Soul 
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