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    Chord Mojo 2 Thread ___ [product released January 31, 2022 -- starting on page 95 of thread]

    I was chatting with an authorized US Chord dealer a few weeks ago about ordering a mojo when most places were out of stock. He stated that they were getting a new shipment in a week or so and that this would be the last shipment of mojo’s as Chord will be releasing the Mojo 2 in a few months...
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    Schiit Magni 3+ and Magni Heresy - Impressions Thread

    I don’t think that there is a stack out there that can compete with the magni 3+/modi 3 objectively or subjectively for the cost. I kept the schiit stick and returned the smsl sp200/m200 stack.
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    Topping NX4

    There is zero channel imbalance at less than normal listening levels in a quiet room on my PSB M4U-4’s, which are lower impedance iems. This a great dac/amp and one of the best overall portables that I have ever heard regardless of price. I have had the Apex Glacier, Pico Dac/Amp, Portaphile...
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    Topping NX4

    Definitely no hiss, dead silent. The meenova cable works perfectly. I’m assuming the volume on the iPhone needs to be all of the way up? Is it bit perfect even if it is not? Curious how changing the volume on the iPhone changes it on the NX4 as well. Great amp for the price one of the...
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    Topping NX4

    Toss up between this and the nano bl. ASR reviews the NX4 much better though.
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    Topping NX4

    Thanks guys. My impedance is 16 ohms. What is the lowest impedance iems that you guys use with no issue?
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    Topping NX4

    How does the NX4 operate with low impedance iems? Will be using with the psb m4u 4. Any hissing or channel imbalance? Anyone here use it with an iPhone, if so what cable are you using?
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    Neutral headphones with slight bass bump

    Take a look at the PSB M4U 4’s. Currently 149 and one of the best iems I ha e heard to date.
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    PSB Speakers M4U 4 --- Hybrid BA/Dynamic IEM

    The more I listen to these the more I like them. Does anyone know if Amazon is an authorized dealer for PSB?
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    iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

    Long time gone. Just picked these up, so far they are really great for the price.
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    MrSpeakers Ether Impressions Thread

    Sorry should have said paired with the Ether through the Mjolnir 2.
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    MrSpeakers Ether Impressions Thread

    6N23P 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shield Tubes are burning in and they already sound crazy good.
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    Noble Audio Wizard Savant Giveaway!

    106,000 107,000 108,000
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    Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

    I did that recently even before the announcement of the latest delay. I don't regret it.
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    Three New Amps on Preorder from Audio-GD (C-2 11th Anniversary Edition, NFB-1AMP, NFB-3AMP)

    So has anyone heard the Mjolnir, LC and nfb-1 amp? I am curious as to how they compare. I am really leaning towards a nfb-1 amp and Dac-19 combo. Assuming all 3 are on par.