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    Grado HF3 (SOLD)

    Bought 4 months ago. This was one of the last 4ourears had left in stock. Barely used at all. I love the sound, just don't have a need for them. SOLD
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    Headamp Pico Power #0046 (SOLD)

    Bought this mint condition Pico Power 3 months ago. It doesn't get used enough but sounds fantastic. Comes with battery charger I purchased, 2 extra screws, case, and original box it came in. The batteries are new and have only been charged about 5 times. SOLD.
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    Westone W60 v2 (SOLD)

    Price drop bump
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    Westone W60 v2 (SOLD)

    Bought these new 4 months ago. Mint condition. Comes with box and all original accessories (Bluetooth cable, eartips, SPC cable, red faceplates etc, I'll also throw in a VECLAN copper 2.5 balanced cable. The photo has a paperclip to hold the form of the cable, FYI). Price is SOLD.Shipping is...
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Could use some serious advice. I have a choice between used RS-1i or a brand new HF-3 at the same price. I've seen comparisons between RS2E and HF-3, but not to RS-1. Not expecting one to necessarily be better than the other, Im just not sure what the major differences would be.
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    ISN Earphones impression thread. New ISN D02 carbon crystal dynamic!!

    I don't see a word about wind noise from the vents in that snippet. And my question about isolation was more specific, how it compares to DM7. I have read the reviews, btw.
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    ISN Earphones impression thread. New ISN D02 carbon crystal dynamic!!

    Why is this such a difficult question to have answered?
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    ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

    No. I don't have the skills to do it myself and the local electronics guy doesn't seem up to it. I might try contacting Romi Audio.
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    thebit Opus#1S DAP impressions

    Has anyone replaced the balanced headphone jack? I'm thinking if I can manage to get the case open to replace the battery, I should replace my f'ed up headphone jack at the same time.
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    Westone UM50 Pro (2017 revision) SOLD

    For sale my UM50 Pro's that I purchased new in December 2018. They are in like new condition, come with all accessories including an unused fit kit, as I have the UM56 custom tips. Would consider a trade for the W60. Price is SOLD, including PayPal fees and shipping within continental U.S. and...
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    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    My reply was moot as I'm sure you were aware of the differences. I read your post in my email and didn't realize it was a post from the twister6 himself and not someone a little less experienced, lol. My bad.
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    thebit Opus#1S DAP impressions

    I purchased two that had the battery issue. The latter one I purchased in June from Music Teck, after being informed the battery issue had been solved. The battery began showing the same symptoms after 2 months: battery not charging 100%, shutdowns, etc. And I wasn't pleased the way Music Teck...
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    FS: Sennheiser HD600 (SOLD)

    Price drop