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    Comment by 'Pappucho' on listing 'Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Dac Receiver'

    Still available? I'll buy it, pm with shipping to 78539. Thanks!
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    The upcoming Portaphile Shohin!

    Why is this thread in the full size headphone amp forum? Hopefully a moderator can move it to the portable amplifier forum or we can get this one closed and start a new one in the correct sub forum.  Also, hopefully some other folks will chime in on the new Shohin.  I agree, there's lots of...
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    VentureCraft new DDC/DAC Go-DAP DD Socket 1 product

    Sorry, that's the upgrade price if you buy an amp and add the MUSES01 option, not available separately. And yes, its real from a reputable supplier.
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    Portaphile Thread

    Hi Fungus, that's very odd.  The power switch completely disconnects the battery from the circuit so it shouldn't be discharging when you power it off.  If you'd like to ship it to me to get checked out, I'd be more than happy to take a look at it.  Contact me via PM or email me through the...
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    Portaphile Thread

    Sorry, I thought I responded to all my emails.  Try again and I will keep an eye out for it...   Edit: I just checked and I think I may know who you are. (TF matches an email address I received on Monday)  I just resent the email I sent earlier.  Please check your spam folder if you didn't get it.
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    VentureCraft new DDC/DAC Go-DAP DD Socket 1 product

    Hi, actually it is one dual channel muses01 for L&R and one 627 for the ground channel. :)
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    Portaphile 627 vs Portaphile 627x

    He posted some impressions in the Portaphile Appreciation thread.
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    Portaphile Thread

    Officially there's a two year parts and labor warranty, you just cover the shipping.  Unofficially I will still fix it as long as I'm alive and you cover the shipping!  Shoot me a PM with the buyer's name and we can discuss it there.  Thanks!
  9. Portaphile 627X

    Portaphile 627X

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    Portaphile Thread

      Sorry about that, been a little busier lately than usual.  Repaired amp is on it's way back to you and an email has been sent.  Happy listening!
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    XM6 + OPA627?

    Quote:   Actually, the extra buffers help with low impedance headphones where more current is needed, not high impedance headphones (ie orthos).  The amp in that review has two buffers per channel, not three as you noted.  Although, the amp in that review does have three active channels>...
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    The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

    Quote: Congrats, let us know what you think of the E472's.  I'm curious, what 1990 walkman did you find? 
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    The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

    Quote: Thanks!  The DD9 was one of my favorites but unfortunately was one of the units that was stolen when my home was burglarized.   I still have the D25S.  There was a company (Silicon Salvage?) on Ebay about 6 years ago selling new old stock D25S for about 30 bucks a piece.  I...
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    Portaphile 627 Review

    Mike of has just reviewed the Portaphile 627.
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    ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

    Quote: Pretty sure, when you pull the plug out or push it in your basically wiping the metal plug across the +L, +R and -G and potentially causing a short across any of these.