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    WTB DT880 or K501 (shipped to Thailand) looking for DT880
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    WTB DT880 (France)

    b u m p
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    Who would win in a fight between Hulk and Superman?

    Superman is a superhuman from other planet with extra strength and unknown physical and organs structure. Hulk is an ordinary human evolved by the radiation. The Hulk belongs more to the group of X-Men. I've never seen Superman have any troubles with any things beside Kryptonite and Louis...
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    The official "most OVERRATED headphones" thread

    Have we ever had "the most underrated headphones" thread?
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    Pics of HD580 Jubilee

    Just seen it here
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    Is the SR60 that noticable of a stepup from the KSC75?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rwest1389 Is there a sound difference between sr60s and sr 80s? SR 80 has more impact, slightly more bass and highs. SR60 is more laid back. Both have a sweat midrange and nice soundstage. I personally think they are still the headphones to beat for...
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    What are the most emotionally involving/stirring headphones you've ever listened to?

    It used to be Grado SR80 until I got Sony MDR-CD1700
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    How bad is K501 unamped?

    I used to have this for a very short period and can not really stand the sound out of my laptop's heaphone socket (dont have this trouble with Beyer 831,931 etc). I had never get to know how the K501 sounds like since I had not given them enough listening time. But, how bad is it really? I...
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    WTB Recent purchase DT880 (2003 model)

    I missed out the last stock of DT2003 from B&H Photo. Anyone recently got the pair from them and dont want to keep, please pm me. Or the first model with minimum use (the model with aluminium box). Thanks, NEO
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    Anybody got Sennheiser PX100 from China?

    The only way to know is from somebody who've actually got this.. Could the headband issues be the production batch defective or something like that? Also, there are several MDR-E888 floating around on eBay at the low price as well...
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    Anybody got Sennheiser PX100 from China?

    I noticed a few of them sperading on eBay recently. They are pretty cheap and come in plastic bag without hard case and anything else. Are they real of fake one? The plastic bag says Sennheiser and they are made in China. NEO