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    do WOMEN like HEAD-FI??

    lets get some hot audio geeks!
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    CES Days 2 and 3: Skullcandy. That's right...Skullcandy.

    i  won't be buying  any scull candys any time soon but ill stop badmouthing them to my friends at least.
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    Grados spotted on USA Network

    i know this is a dead post but i had to say that i found this site after seeing the Grados on the show and ended up getting the HF-2s. i owe the director for taking me the next step toward becoming an audiophile.
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    what does ohm stand for?

    ^haha. ^^thanks.
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    what does ohm stand for?

    thank you. so, just to be sure i understand, the lower the number is the better, right?
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    best portable amp for Grado HF-2

    thanks all. especially dizzy i think im gonna be going with the mini^3
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    Review by 'nathanv' on item 'Grado Head-Fi Series HF-2 Headphones'

    i cant compare because they're my first audiophile grade headphones but i doubt there are many better.
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    are the MCS series as good as the TECHNICS?

    im looking at the MCS 6601 and the Technics SL-220 which one should i get?
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    best portable amp for Grado HF-2

    i just got my first audiophile grade headphones, HF-2s! but im not sure what the best amp is for them. i know nothing at all about amps. i was wondering if one of those altoid-C-moy amps would do the HF-2s justice, or should i chip out for something a little more expensive. i'm looking for...
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    you have to go in circles before trying to pry it
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    how long does ttvj take to deliver

    WHAT!!!!!!!! i ordered mine on August 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How to stop my friends from buying skullcandies

    lovin' the double agent play on words- is that a play on words- what is it when you tie the original topic to the off topic conversation to create the perfect joke?
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    How to stop my friends from buying skullcandies

    Quote: it was running across this site by accident that made me an audiophile