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Sep 14, 2019 at 10:38 AM
Mar 8, 2008
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100+ Head-Fier

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Sep 14, 2019 at 10:38 AM
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently own:
    Audeze LCD-2 w/ Q cable
    1964Ears V6 Stage CIEM
    Denon D2000 w/ Markl Mod and Q cable
    Sennheiser HD600
    Koss PortaPro

    Used to own:
    AKG K701 (three times!)
    Denon AHNC732K
    Denon D2000
    Denon D7000
    Grado RS-1
    Grado SR-225
    JH13 Pro
    Shure E500
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Currently Own:
    JDS Lab C421
    HeadAmp Pico Slim
    Decware Taboo MKIII
    Schiit Vali

    Used to Own:
    Schiit Magni
    Burson HA-160
    Meier Stepdance
    Heed CanAmp
    ALO RX Prescription
    HeadAmp Pico w/DAC
    Headroom Micro Amp
    HeadRoom Millett Desktop Hybrid Amp
    iBasso D10
    RSA Hornet
    Source Inventory:
    Currently own:

    Centrance DACmini
    Project Carbon Turntable
    JDS Labs ODAC
    Music Fidelity V-Link
    JRiver Media Center
    Apple iPod Classic (160GB, gen 6.5)
    Apple iPod Nano (8GB, gen 1)
    Apple iPhone 5S
    Logitech Squeezebox 3
    Logitech Squeezebox Touch

    Used to own:

    Schiit Modi
    Wavelength Audio Proton DAC
    HRT Music Streamer II+
    Cypher Labs Algorithm Solo
    DIY Mod Apple iPod w/Video (80GB, gen 5.5)
    Benchmark DAC1 USB
    Matrix Mini
    CEntrance DACPort
    Oppo BDP95
    Headroom Micro DAC
    Lavry D10
    Music Fidelity V-DAC
    PS Audio Digital Link III
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio Quintet
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