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    [SOLD]MEE Audio P1 + 3.5mm black MMCX cable

    Looks good! PM sent.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    Bumping for visibility of the below.   Quote:
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    Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

      This is really a gross oversimplification of little value, but if you were to place HD 800 and LCD-3 on an axis, HD 650 would probably be somewhere in the middle in most or some respects and not way off either side. Except in price. It's definitely less expensive than the other two!
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    Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

      There are some things the amp could do that may impact how soundstage is perceived but that would involve intentional deviations that would result in different things for different headphones. Definitely one thing it could do would be to have some series resistance on the ground return, for...
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    Why 24 bit audio and anything over 48k is not only worthless, but bad for music.

    Well said, bigshot. Some people know of the above but don't believe it, but a lot of people don't even realize what's going on. Some speaker / headphone measurements and at different positions really should be a wake-up call.       Now you're making me wonder how many times in the history...
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    Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

    In lieu of any technical response from the company...   From the Facebook page: Good to know.     Well, we got some nice spectrographs out of this adventure, anyhow (and by "we" I mean we're totally a team of other people spending money, other people using their time, other people using...
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    Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

      Cool. Nice to see.       Guys, could you help me out here? I haven't read audiophile writing in a while. Everything else aside, what do people even mean by "opacity" in this context? I guess an actual crossfeed circuit would definitely not be audibly transparent and so could said to...
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    An Analysis of Balanced Headphones and Their Benefits (Now with numerical data)

    Sorry, only have time for a quick skim through, so this response will be shallow, but you use the headphone output compared to the balanced line output of the same device?   I'm pretty sure you'll find the output impedance to be different for the two outputs (and probably not the balanced...
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    limits of usb powered DAC/Amps ???

    First of all, the limit back in USB 2.0 days was 0.5 A (at 5 V). I think about everybody can expect a USB host to support 2.0 and that level, but proper USB 3.0 or higher ports supporting higher draws than that aren't quite ubiquitous yet. That said, some smaller, more mobile devices may not...
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    Soundstage Width and Cross-feed: Some Observations

      Based on what listening distance? Or rather, which angles roughly are you recommending? Just wondering more about what your take on it is.
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    O2 AMP + ODAC

    I'm pretty surprised anybody could stand to listen that loudly, to be honest. For HE-6, I'd believe it. For HE-400? That seems nuts to me. Pretty much if some music is pegged at an average level of -10 dBFS or higher, nobody's listening on 110+ dB SPL peaks. At least, I hope. The time when those...
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    Benefits of better amps and dacs

    An amp could technically supply the power but at a high, audible distortion level, though that is generally not the case outside of some amps that are intentionally built to distort at high power outputs and using very insensitive headphones.   Whatever differences in performance levels...
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    Audiophile cables, an interesting question.

      1/15 people got 6/6? That's... well... if 15 people are guessing by flipping a coin, there's a 21% chance that at last one person scores 6/6. Greater than 4 with 4/6 is pretty likely too. That doesn't by itself say very much.
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    Skeptico Saloon: An Objectivist Joint

      (emphasis added) Who says that? I thought it was well known that bass distortion has to be a lot higher to be audible.